Mourning Rays

Most of the time, I sleep through the mourning. Till it comes horning in       with the blast of noon day rays at my window. I feel for my mother,       for what we could never have. Mourning the lost hours spent on “what your problem is is you don’t—”       and “no one else is going to […]

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Odd that I’d remember flying alone under a summer ceiling of benign cumulus as a silent time. There was always the snarl of the old Lycoming that made talk impossible, even if there’d been someone else along. Below, a stitched and measured Midwest world tilted when I banked, fell away in a climb. I was a kitten on a rug, pouncing on the elements in my J3 Cub, wings and rudder like flung-out thoughts of lift and motion...

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Q&A: Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform

An interview with Friends involved with group working toward justice reform.

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Let’s Grow Together: Jacob Nelson

acob Nelson, 27, is co-founder of Phryg Coffee Co. The San Diego-based company, which makes cold brew coffees and teas, brought its first products to market this fall. Its name is an allusion to the Phrygian cap, an ancient symbol of enlightenment, and to the phonetic “fridge.” Jacob started going regularly to Quaker meeting as […]

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News December 2015

Interfaith peace conference, Shepard Fairey mural, more.

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60th Anniversary December 2015

Poverty and the testimony of simplicity.

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Among Friends: Friends in Surprising Places

An introduction to the November issue.

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Consensus in Tech

An interview with Wikipedia’s Sue Gardner.

Posted in: Features, November 2015

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