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September 2012

In this issue, Erik Cleven talks about how our peacemaking efforts can sometimes undermine those we want to help; Pamela Haines goes deep into 19th century Friend Elias Hicks’s journal; and R Scot Miller and Aran Reinhart recall a surprising story of distrust ebbing away in the spirit of love. FJ print and digital subscribers can read even more great material from this issue.
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Update on Indiana Yearly Meeting Breakup

Indiana Yearly Meeting is continuing to head toward schism. Friends Journal last covered this in our June/July issue with a […]

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Understanding The Man Who Quit Money

Right around the time I started reading The Man Who Quit Money, I was obsessed with buying shoes. I had […]

Jana Llewellyn is associate editor at Friends Journal.

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The Spirit of Mediation

The Spirit of Mediation

The Friends Peace Testimony points out a different approach.

Erik Cleven is a PhD candidate in political science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is a member of Lafayette Meeting in West Lafayette, Ind. Before starting graduate school, he spent many years working with conflict transformation and inter-ethnic dialogue in many different countries. Erik is writing his dissertation about ethnic violence in Kenya and Kosovo. This article is adapted from a plenary speech at the 2012 Friends General Conference Gathering</a>.

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The Great Separation

Past conflicts teach us that we mustn’t settle for outrage, fear, or guilt if we are to find new ways […]

Pamela Haines is an active member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. She works on leadership development and organizing for policy change among child-care workers, teaches peer counseling, leads family play groups, organizes around faith and economics, works on a variety of urban gardening ventures. She is passionate about quilting and mending of all kinds, and blogs at pamelascolumn.blogspot.com.

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Where We Are Changed

If ever the world needed the authentic, life‐giving challenge that animated our spiritual ancestors, it needs it now.

Noah Baker Merrill seeks to be faithful in the living Quaker tradition of gospel ministry— the practical spiritual work of encouraging faithfulness and awakening hearts. Putney (Vt.) Meeting has released him for service encouraging the future of Friends. Noah is an associate with Good News Associates and a founding board member of Quaker Voluntary Service. In 2009, Utne Reader magazine recognized him as one of “50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World.”

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Drawing by Alla Podolsky

Transforming Prejudice into Love

A misunderstanding opens the way to transgender acceptance.

Aran Reinhart is a member of Broadmead Meeting in northwestern Ohio. After meeting amazing people in both the Quaker and LGBT communities, he found his true self four years ago and became a Quaker. Though he works in a woodmill, he is a poet and activist at heart. He named himself after his favorite form of knitting and gets interesting looks when he knits in public.

R. Scot Miller is a member of Grand Rapids (Mich.) Meeting. In addition to family farming, he serves a United Methodist Congregation as Adult Ministries Director. He teaches social work at a Christian college.

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Slavery in Pennsylvania

Early Friends were not immune to the tragedy of slavery.

Jack H. Schick is a convinced Friend and a member of Richland Meeting in Quakertown, Pa., where he serves as historian and quarterly representative. He is a columnist for the Upper Bucks County Free Press, and regularly contributes to WryteStuff.com, a writers' website. Married 40 years, he is a parent of three and grandparent of one. He is employed in the wastewater treatment industry.

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September 2012 Forum

Letters from Martin Melville, Muriel Strand, Ellen Michaud, Dirk Davenport, and David Borg.

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Interview with Susan Cain

Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

Jana Llewellyn is the associate editor at Friends Journal.

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Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference 2012

Q&A with Nancy McLauchlan

Nancy McLauchlan grew up on an island in Puget Sound and has been a Quaker for over 40 years. She has held membership at Goose Creek (Va.), Eastside (Wash.), Corvallis (Oreg.), and Bridge City (Oreg.) Meetings.

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