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APRIL 2013: CONFLICT & ELDERINGHow do we constructively engage with one another? How do we keep differences from becoming politicized? What conflict resolution tools do we have (e.g., gospel order, alternatives to violence, threshing sessions). How do we deal with bullies? What roles do elders play in our communities? Who can be an elder?

Reimagining a Yearly Meeting

Indiana Yearly Meeting has recently split, and we鈥檙e in the early stages of setting up a new association of Friends. [鈥

Joshua Brown has worked for Friends in New England, New York, and Indiana. He currently serves as pastoral minister at West Richmond (Ind.) Meeting. A version of this article originally appeared on his blog arewefriends.wordpress.com.

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Q&A: Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun magazine, rabbi of Beyt Tikkun synagogue in San Francisco and Berkeley, Calif., and [鈥

Rabbi Lerner welcomes personal contact from those interested in getting involved with the Network of Spiritual Progressives at聽[email protected]

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Interview with Ashley Merryman

Co鈥恆uthor of Nurtureshock Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman have been making a lot of waves in the past two years [鈥

Ashley Merryman is a writer and attorney who previously served in the Clinton administration in various positions, including as a speechwriter/researcher to then Vice President Al Gore. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, Time, New York, the Washington Post, and many other publications. She and Po Bronson have won nine national awards for their reporting in Nurtureshock, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Award for Journalism, an "Audie," two Clarion Awards, the Mensa Press Award, and the award for outstanding journalism from the Council on Contemporary Families. Bronson and Merryman's latest book is called Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing. Jana Llewellyn writes both fiction and nonfiction and is former associate editor of Friends Journal.

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Books April 2013

Why Can鈥檛 We Talk? Christian Wisdom on Dialogue as a Habit of the Heart by John Backman. Skylight Paths Publishing, [鈥

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Milestones April 2013

Milestone notices for Kees W Bolle, Amanda Hilles Fraser, Elizabeth Swing Greene, Judith Buckley Morese, Phillip Rizzo and Phillip Donnell [鈥

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