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On the occasion of this, our issue focusing on what have been called “the Quaker testimonies,” I pause to reflect on how radical the Quaker faith is, and how rich our conversation. The topic of “testimonies” hits the sweet spot for Friends Journal. Our stock in trade, after all, is language; it’s how Friends give voice to the inner workings of Spirit. And what are the testimonies if not a linguistic shorthand for a shared spiritual experience? The concept of testimonies is one readers of Friends Journal have seen discussed, often without further explanation, many times in our pages.
—Gabriel Ehri, Among Friends. 
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The Mandala

Haddonfield Meeting in New Jersey recently hosted a group of seven Buddhist monks visiting from their monastery in the Karnataka […]

Edith Roberts, a member of Haddonfield (N.J.) Meeting, is a retired Camden City ESL teacher. In 2004, she and her husband traveled extensively, with India being one of the highlights. It is a source of delight to her that music and things of the spirit can unite us and need no translation. The monks will be returning to Haddonfield Meeting to make another mandala from June 25-30, 2013.

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’Tis the Gift to be Simple

The testimony of simplicity goes deeper than song lyrics in a hymnal. I find simplicity to be the most challenging […]

John Lawson-Myers is a convinced Friend, feminist, LGBTQ equality advocate, and an alumnus of Wilmington College, where he studied social work and was a Quaker Leader Scholar Program (QLSP) participant. He currently resides in Dayton, Ohio, and attends a semi-programmed meeting.

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East Whittier Friends Church in the 1920's.

Richard Nixon’s First Cover‐Up

While Nixon occasionally mentioned his Quaker background, the exact nature of his faith remained obscure.

Larry Ingle is a member of Chattanooga (Tenn.) Meeting and professor emeritus at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. He is author of Quakers in Conflict: The Hicksite Reformation (1986), First Among Friends: George Fox and the Creation of Quakerism (1994), and a forthcoming study of Richard Nixon’s religion. An earlier version of this was published on our website in January 2013.

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Books June/July 2013

Discernment: Living Under Divine Guidance North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative), Journal (number 6), 2012. 62 pages. Free download at www​.ncymc​.org/​j​o​u​r​nal. Reviewed […]

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Milestones June/July 2013

Austin—Deborah Austin, 93, on January 27, 2013, in Foxdale Village, State College, Pa. Deborah was born on January 18, 1920, […]

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