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September 2013

Five Spiritual Lessons on the Way to Tamilnadu

Lessons in the Spirit’s mysterious ways learnt on a journey.

Linnea Wang is a counselor in Bozeman, Mont.  She is a member of Missoula Meeting and attends the Bozeman Worship Group. She was a founding board member of Right Sharing of World Resources and currently serves on the board. She lives and gardens on five acres close to the Bridger Mountains.

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News of Friends September 2013

Retirement, appointment and honors

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Books September 2013

Reviews of Carrie Newcomer’s “Kindred Spirits: A Collection,” Jim Wallis’s “On God’s Side,” Mark Townsend’s “Jesus Through Pagan Eyes,” James […]

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Milestones September 2013

Milestones of Abby Atwater Hadley, Charles H. Harker Jr., Warren Prentice Henegar, Marianne Stephanie Adler Longstreet, Harold Adin Nomer Jr., […]

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