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August 2014: Quaker Myth‐Busting

Beyond the Oatmeal Box by A.J. Mendoza
A Quaker Argument Against Gun Control by Matthew Van Meter
On the Right Side of Harpers Ferry by Esther Coppock Shaw
Quaker Problems by Taylor Mary Satterthwaite

"Angels of Progress," by Chuck Fager.

Angels of Progress

A review of the new collection of writings of Progressive Friends.

Mitchell Santine Gould enables financial advisors to collect data for use in emergencies. Curator of Leavesofgrass.org, he is the leading authority on Walt Whitman’s rise among “sailors, lovers, and Quakers.” Together with the LGBT Religious Archives Network, he documents the historical intersection between Quakers and gay people.

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Author Chat: Chuck Fager on Progressive Friends

Chuck Fager is the author of two new books on Progressive Friends.

Gabriel Ehri is the executive director of Friends Journal.

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Books August 2014

Book reviews of “But Who Do You Say That I Am?” by Douglas Gwyn, “Gathering the Silence” by Eileen Kinch […]

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Milestones August 2014

Births, weddings, and deaths.

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