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March 2016: Disability and Inclusion

Accommodating Embodiment
Helen Kobek
Love Story
Maryhelen Snyder
Being Autistic at Summer Gathering
Veronica Berg
L鈥橝rche and Quaker Testimonies
Timothy Leonard
Let鈥檚 Grow Together
FJ Books March 2016


Imagining a Trauma鈥恑nformed Quaker Community

Stigma and fear can make it difficult to see people as more than their disabilities.

Melody George is a licensed clinical social worker with a passion for working with adults who have mental health diagnoses. She is a member at Clackamas Park Friends Church in Milwaukie, Ore., and has been involved in Northwest Yearly Meeting since 2003.

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Being Autistic at Summer Gathering

An overload of auditory and visual stimuli threatens a Friend鈥檚 participation.

Veronica Berg is a social work student, minoring in Deaf studies at the University of Southern Maine. They sporadically attend Portland (Maine) Meeting and also worship at High Street UCC in Auburn, Maine. 聽Veronica was introduced to Quakerism through FLGBTQC, and remains an active Friend in that community.

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L鈥橝rche and Quaker Testimonies of Equality and Peace

A movement serving those with intellectual disabilities demonstrates what it means to be human.

Timothy Leonard is currently a member of Community Friends Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. He came to Quakers while living in Chicago, Ill., as a member of Chicago Meeting.

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L'Arche Atlanta crew playing basketball.

Disability and Community in L鈥橝rche Atlanta

A gift of respect from those we鈥檙e ostensibly serving.

Adrian Nelson is currently living, working, and playing in Atlanta, Ga., with Quaker Voluntary Service and L鈥橝rche Atlanta. Ze worships with Atlanta Meeting and is a member of Northside Meeting in Chicago, Ill. Ze also delivers vegan baked goods and organizes for the network Showing Up for Racial Justice.

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No One Ever Asks

FJ Poetry: 鈥淚 only attend once a month / when my allotted cab ride / takes me and my wheelchair [鈥

Bryan R. Monte lives in聽Zeist, Netherlands

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漏 Jessica Hyde

Low鈥怰ent Psalm

FJ Poetry: 鈥淵ahweh, / You are my umbrella / in thunderstorm, / fleece鈥恖ined boots in the great blizzard.鈥

Patrick Gordon lives in聽Amesbury, Mass.

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Cheering, Leveling, Threshing: A Weekly Hour in the Light

Lives of Friends.

Helen S. Horn and her husband are members of Athens Meeting in Chauncey, Ohio. Her plenary talk at Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, 鈥淭here is a Fountain: A Quaker Life in Process," was published as a Pendle Hill pamphlet. Friendly Woman and Friends Journal have published her poems. Before retirement, she was a community counselor.

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Let鈥檚 Grow Together: Lucia O鈥橞arr

Interviews with new Friends.

Trevor Johnson is the editorial fellow at Friends Journal through Quaker Voluntary Service鈥檚 second-year Alumni Fellows Program. Do you know someone we should interview? Reach us at [email protected].

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News March 2016

News of Friends, including a Quaker art exhibit in Montana and the FWCC World Plenary in Peru.

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The People Make the Peace: Lessons from the Vietnam Antiwar Movement

Edited by Kar铆n Aguilar鈥怱an Juan and Frank Joyce. Just World Books, 2015. 268 pages. $23.99/paperback; $9.99/eBook. On June 5, 1969, [鈥

Richard Taylor is a member of Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., and is active in the meeting鈥檚 task force on ending mass incarceration. Dick is also developing a website designed to encourage Christian preachers to avoid anti-Judaism in their sermons and in the church鈥檚 readings from the New Testament.

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