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February 2016

Quaker Thought and Life Today

Guns and Pepper Spray
Seres Kyrie
How Quaker War Tax Resistance Came and Went, Twice
David M. Gross
Peace is Possible
Altvater, Girouard, Patch & Koopman
Let’s Grow Together
FJ Books February 2016


How Quaker War Tax Resistance Came and Went, Twice

A history of a sometimes‐forgotten Quaker witness.

David M. Gross is the editor of American Quaker War Tax Resistance. Some of the material in this article is based on a talk on the history of Quaker war tax resistance he delivered at Earlham School of Religion in 2014 for the national conference of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.

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My Spiritual Trinity

Quaker meeting, jazz blue groove, and the sweat lodge.

George Morris Middleton Price is a longtime member of Fallsington Meeting in Bucks County, Pa. He has a master of social work, and has worked in education for both Friends and non-Friends schools. He has led workshops on spirituality for many Quaker organizations for 30 years.

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"Stewardship of the Earth," a collaboration between James E. Francis and Arla Patch. Learn more.

Peace Is Possible

Truth, healing, and reconciliation in Maine.

Denise Altvater is a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe (Maine). Maria Girouard is a member of the Penobscot Nation (Maine). Arla Patch is a member of Portland (Maine) Meeting. Elizabeth Koopman is a member of York (Pa.) Meeting.

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Photo courtesy of Arla Patch

Stewardship of the Earth Print

About the print featured in “Peace is Possible”

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A Couplet

FJ Poetry: “My grandfather is at the tea‐table picking a sugar cube for his tea…”

Saima Afreen lives in Calcutta, India

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The Parable of the Yeast

FJ Poetry: “I keep the Kingdom of God in a small mason jar on a shelf…”

Rachel Miller lives in Cambridge, Mass.

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A Decade of Tsunami Relief

Friends in service.

Nadine Hoover, a member of Alfred (N.Y.) Meeting, is initiative coordinator of the Asia West Pacific Initiative of Friends Peace Teams. She provides peace training and materials through Conscience Studio’s online store Courageous Gifts, and recently became director of Power of Goodness, a global pool of stories on nonviolence, healing, and reconciliation.

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The S Word

“You could tell he was pissed off.”

Whit Young is a failed Quaker and a former sergeant in the Marine Corps. A newbie writer, Whit tries to explore the expanding pace and confusion of modern events as they impact our personal experiences. He writes about questions, not answers. This story was inspired by true events.

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Let’s Grow Together Interview with Maire Moriarty

Interviews with those relatively new to Friends.

Trevor Johnson is the editorial fellow at Friends Journal through Quaker Voluntary Service’s second-year Alumni Fellows program. Do you know someone we should interview? Reach us at [email protected]

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Garden II, ink on paper, by artist and Zen Master Rebecca Nie. View more of her work at rebexart.com.

The Zen of Quakerism

Faith and Practice.

Peter Taylor worked as a social worker and practiced Zen in Toronto, Canada. He now lives in New Jersey with his wife, Lily, and daughter, Abby, managing a family farm and wildlife preserve. He is a member of Westfield Meeting in Cinnaminson, N.J., and has published three books from his blog Zenmister.com.

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