I also dressed as you for Halloween and got 7.2 pounds of candy!

Dear President Trump,

I am interested in history, and I like to play sports. I am a comedian and do good impressions of people, including you, Vladimir Putin, Obama, and Hillary. I also dressed as you for Halloween and got 7.2 pounds of candy! I am a Boy Scout of Troop 177. I live in Philadelphia with my mother, and sadly my father passed away a few months ago after a battle with ALS (thanks for doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge). I did like The Apprentice (“You’re fired” is probably my new catchphrase). I have to congratulate you on your victory. I hope you are a good president, although I did favor Secretary Clinton’s side of the battle. I do think you will be able to lead us through many bad things.

First of all, you’re never going to build a wall. I’m sorry to say, but it’s not going to happen. Mexico isn’t exactly on your good side, and so they are NOT paying for a wall. If the United States were to pay for it, it would be nearly impossible due to your tax cuts. Immigration is a problem, but we need strong borders that are more man strong, not cinder‐block strong.

In terms of law enforcement, stop‐and‐frisk is an incredibly biased system. How many African Americans are stopped and frisked? A lot. How many Latinos? A lot. How many white people? Next to none. Stop‐and‐frisk has no good place in our law enforcement.

Regarding reproductive rights, birth control/abortion is the woman’s choice, 100 percent of the time. A woman may not be ready to be a mother, and the baby may live a terrible life due to unprepared parents. It would be best to not go through that. Also you are a man; you cannot become pregnant, so why should you be against something that doesn’t affect you? As for healthcare, Obamacare is good. Pro: you get many benefits that different insurance companies can’t offer. Con: not the most affordable. I think we should keep Obamacare (you’ll probably have to change the name). It’s good, but it’s got some flaws. All we need to do is make it more affordable.

Most sincerely,

Gavin McNair, Grade 6, Greene Street Friends School

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