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Spirit seems to have assumed a major office among Friends.

Ann Birch is a member of El Paso (Texas) Meeting; she is an academic reference librarian, grandmother, and actor in local theater.

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By Victoria Turnbull. Clarion Books, 2017. 30 pages. $16.99/hardcover; $12.99/eBook. Recommended for ages 4–8. Pandora, a fox, lives at a […]

Ann Birch (formerly Dee Cameron) is a librarian and a member of El Paso (Tex.) Meeting.

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When My Meeting Had My Back

Bitter laughter isn’t my usual response when I look into my new issue of Friends Journal, but a few years […]

Dee Birch Cameron, a member of El Paso (Tex.) Meeting, is a librarian and often acts in a community theater.

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Violence and Light

Halloween Night, 2007: Detroit It is Halloween, and we are at the Detroit Zoo. I am walking past brightly painted […]

Lisa Sinnett lives and works in Detroit, Mich., and has been attending Detroit and Ann Arbor meetings regularly since 1992. Her last submission to Friends Journal, a poem titled "Driving to El Salvador with Hector and Domingo," published in April 2006, earned an Award of Excellence (first place) from the Associated Church Press. She thanks Helen Horn (Athens, Ohio, Meeting) and Claire Crabtree for their support and care of her writer's voice.

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Maybe God Is Like That Too

FJ Review: “Benjamin Schipper’s colorful, cartoon‐like illustrations of big city life came as a welcome surprise, in contrast to the bucolic […]

Dee Cameron is a member of El Paso (Tex.) Meeting. She is a grandmother and a retired school librarian.

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Two White Rabbits

By Jairo Buitrago, illustrated by Rafael Yockteng, translated by Elisa Amado. Groundwood Books, 2015. 32 pages. $18.99/hardcover; $16.95/eBook. Recommended for […]

Dee Ann Birch Cameron, a retired school librarian in Texas, has attended Friends meetings for more than a half century.

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Forum, September 2018

Letters from our readers. 🔒 Friends Journal Member? Sign in here! Not an FJ member? To read this piece, please […]

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Milestones September 2014

Adoptions, marriages, and deaths.

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Finding Dropt Letters

The Religious Society of Friends contains a number of very active members who attend worship every week, yet do not […]

Paul Hamell is a member of Ridgewood (N.J.) Meeting.

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Housing Desegregation in a Small Town

An important part of our complicated history turns up in family papers.

Sue Carroll Edwards grew up in Swarthmore, Pa., as a member of Swarthmore Friends Meeting. She returned to Swarthmore with her husband and two sons in 1989 and rejoined the meeting. A former drill press operator and then preschool teacher, she has more recently worked with adults with disabilities at Horizon House in Philadelphia. Now retired, she is an activist for peace and reducing climate change.

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