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Finding a Way Forward

The most remarkable event in the long, sad saga of the Quaker Sweat Lodge (QSL) controversy took place at the […]

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My Center of Quakerism

The Inner Light is not a book, a steeple, a bell, or a key.

Breeze Richardson is a lifelong Midwestern Friend with membership at Fifty-Seventh Street Meeting in Chicago, Ill. She and her family have recently relocated to Lawrence, Kans., where they are now attending Oread Meeting. Breeze serves as a trustee for Friends Publishing Corporation, and has written several times for Friends Journal over the past 15 years.

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One of the 779 porcelain teacups inscribed with flowers. This one has 220 tulips, which represents the number of detainees from Afghanistan.

A Cup of Tea

Creating meaning out of trauma.

Jean Grant is a member of Oread Meeting in Lawrence, Kans., and author of its privately published 50-year history, Seeds of Silence, and a novel, The Burning Veil.

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”Walking the Walk: Greg Woods

In December 1999, 14‐year‐old Greg Woods attended the “High School Quake,” a gathering of Illinois Yearly Meeting youth. Along with […]

Breeze Richardson, a young adult Friend, is a member and currently clerk of 57th Street Meeting in Chicago, Ill. She is a public radio producer. Project Lakota is under the care of St. Louis (Mo.) Meeting; for more information, go online to http://iym.quaker.org/projectlakota/index.html. Greg Woods participated in The Quake that Rocked the Midwest, a multimedia presentation that appears on the Friends Journal website at https://www.friendsjournal.org/quake/index.html.

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Forum March 2014

Letters and emails from our readers.

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A Perspective on the Quaker Sweat Lodge

I am responding to Chuck Fager’s recent letter on Friends General Conference and the Quaker Sweat Lodge (“Finding a Way […]

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