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Milestones, September 2012

Obituaries for Martin Michael Beer, Richard Sternoff Beyer, Elizabeth Koop Buck, Walter Henry Glass, Dale K Miller, and Armin Louis […]

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Milestones January 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages.

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Books, August 2013

A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles By Thich Nhat Hanh, illustrated by Wietske Vriezen. Plum Blossom Books, 2012. […]

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The Last Few Miles

A daughter cares for an aging mother.

Writer Caroline Mather Brown, a birthright Episcopalian, attends Montclair (N.J.) Meeting.

Posted in: Features, October 2013: On Aging
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Heron Reflections

On the road home from the wedding of Muriel Bishop and Douglas Summers, reunited after many years apart, a beautiful, […]

Caroline Balderston Parry, a member of Ottawa (Ont.) Meeting, is seeking a publisher for a book-length collection of Heron Reflections.

Posted in: Features, March 2001
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This is a little thank you to Caroline Brown (“The Last Few Miles,” FJ Oct.). The paragraph on reading and […]

Our reader feedback.

Posted in: December 2013: Outside the Quaker Bubble, Forum
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Milestones November 2013

Includes listings for Helen Angell, Catherine Bell Wetteroth, Scott E. Crom, Robert Gray Hindmarsh, Mary Caroline Mendenhall, Geraldine S. McNabb, […]

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Traveling in Turkey

I. Turkish Countryside, December 2000 Minarets point past Greek, Roman, Christian ruins, across dry landscapes. Sun‐leathered farmers till small fields, […]

Caroline Balderston Parry is a member of Ottawa (Ont.) Meeting but spends most of her Sundays at the First Unitarian congregation where she is currently their director of religious education.

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Student Voices Project 2019 Participants

Thank you to all of the 237 participants of the 6th annual Student Voices Project!

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Books: April 2014

This month’s reviews include The Essential Elias Hicks, The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies, and A Guidebook to Prayer.

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