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Finding a Way to Peace

Early Friends help lead a journey in search of inner strength.

Christopher Stern, a member of Middletown Meeting in Lima, Pa., followed a calling into Quaker ministry starting in 1985 at Pendle Hill. He has traveled in the ministry among Friends for over 30 years. He works in special education and lives with his wife and two children in Media, Pa.

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Christopher Henry Hodgkin

Hodgkin—Christopher Henry Hodgkin, 74, on June 11, 2018, at home in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Wash. Christopher was born […]

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Tendered Hearts

Many years ago I remember taking part in a Christmas celebration at our meeting. We had a tradition that included […]

Christopher Stern is a member of Middletown Meeting in Lima, Pa.

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Friends Journal is published by Friends Publishing Corporation. The mission of the corporation is to communicate Quaker experience in order […]

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Terre Haute Journal

Ploptch. The rain fell in big drops. Ploptch. Ploptch. Ploptch. Big, slow, kersplash drops. Falling on a group of about […]

Doug Stern attends Louisville (Ky.) Meeting. © Doug Stern 2002

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Half in Love with Easeful Death

This morning I was out on the rear deck doing the yoga I do to keep at bay the aches […]

Christopher L. King attends Wellesley (Mass.) Meeting. © 2002 Christopher L. King.

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Lucretia Mott Speaks: The Essential Speeches and Sermons

Edited by Christopher Densmore, Carol Faulkner, Nancy Hewitt, and Beverly Wilson Palmer. University of Illinois Press, 2017. 304 pages. $75/hardcover; […]

Marty Grundy is a member of Wellesley (Mass.) Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting.

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Milestones February 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

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Forum March 2014

Letters and emails from our readers.

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Books January 2013

Ending Cycles of Violence: Kenyan Quaker Peacemaking Response after the 2007 Election By Judy Lumb. Producciones de la Hamaca (Belize) […]

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