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An Early Assessment: U.S. Quakerism in the 20th Century: Papers from the Quaker History Roundtable, June 8–11, 2017

Edited by Chuck Fager. Kimo Press, 2017. 235 pages. $11.95/Paperback. In the interest of full disclosure, this reviewer spent several […]

Mitchell Santine Gould is a leading authority on Walt Whitman’s Quakerism, and runs the website LeavesOfGrass.Org. His analysis of Transcendentalism as the secularization of Quakerism has appeared in Quaker History and in Quaker Theology. He is an attender at Multnomah Friends Meeting in Portland, Ore.

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"Angels of Progress," by Chuck Fager.

Angels of Progress

A review of the new collection of writings of Progressive Friends.

Mitchell Santine Gould enables financial advisors to collect data for use in emergencies. Curator of Leavesofgrass.org, he is the leading authority on Walt Whitman’s rise among “sailors, lovers, and Quakers.” Together with the LGBT Religious Archives Network, he documents the historical intersection between Quakers and gay people.

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Author Chat: Chuck Fager on Progressive Friends

Chuck Fager is the author of two new books on Progressive Friends.

Gabriel Ehri is the executive director of Friends Journal.

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Books February 2015

Our books column.

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27‐down: Hoover’s Org. (3 letters): A Pendle Hill Ghost Story

[In March 1971, an unidentified activist group broke into the Media, Pa., FBI office and took hundreds of documents from […]

Chuck Fager is a member of State College (Pa.) Meeting and usually attends Fayetteville (N.C.) Meeting. In late 2012 he will be retiring as director of Quaker House in Fayetteville, a peace project near Fort Bragg. He has written widely on Quaker topics, including numerous short stories. Chuck stresses that while some real people (and a real cat) along with actual events are mentioned in it, this story is fiction. It appeared previously in a collection of his stories called Why God Is Like a Wet Bar of Soap.

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Nixon’s First Cover‐Up: The Religious Life of a Quaker President

By H. Larry Ingle. University of Missouri Press, 2015. 288 pages. $50/hardcover or eBook. In the wake of the Watergate […]

Robert Dockhorn is a member of Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa.

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My Path to Quaker House

A place of peace in a military city.

Lynn Newsome was an art teacher for 34 years. Growing up the child of Northerners transplanted to the segregated South, she recognized early on the need to stand up for the rights of others. Her Quaker home is now Fayetteville (N.C.) Meeting.

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Front door, Friends Community Church of Midway City,  Calif. Photos courtesy of Midway City Friends.

California Friends church resists denominational takeover

  A legal dispute is taking place between Evangelical Friends Church Southwest (EFCSW) and one of its member churches, Friends […]

Erik Hanson and Windy Cooler are the news editors for Friends Journal. They contributed to the reporting of this story. Do you know about any Quaker news stories we should be covering? Send us tips at [email protected].

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Update on Indiana Yearly Meeting Breakup

Indiana Yearly Meeting is continuing to head toward schism. Friends Journal last covered this in our June/July issue with a […]

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Quaker Organizations Welcome New Leaders

In recent months there have been numerous changes in the executive leadership of several Quaker organizations. Some observers have even […]

Diana Allinger, an intern with Friends Journal in the fall of 2010, is a senior at Temple University. Several other FJ interns, including Melissa Archer, Patty Cangelosi, Julia Feerrar, and Madeline Schaefer, assisted with the development of this article.

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