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Wrestling with Defeat

I am not a perfect Quaker. My family discovered Quakerism when I was two years old. I grew up with […]

Clay Lewis, Grade 9, Abington Friends School, member of Abington Meeting, both in Jenkintown, Pa.

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Milestones September 2014

Adoptions, marriages, and deaths.

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Student Voices Project 2019 Participants

Thank you to all of the 237 participants of the sixth annual Student Voices Project!

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Quakerism Left Me

Stories of a wandering generation.

Betsy Blake was recently accused of having a fake ID during a night out dancing, but she is in fact 36 years old. Currently residing in Philadelphia, Betsy is self-employed as a business and communications consultant for progressive businesses and organizations. She can be reached at [email protected].

The original version of this article included more of the author's stories of the experiences of her generation of Friends. You can read the un-cut version of "Quakerism Left Me" (original) here.

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