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A Very Different War: The Story of an Evacuee Sent to the U.S. During World War II

It was only later that we realized how lucky we had been when we arrived in the United States to […]

Louise Milbourn, who lives in Cambridge, England, is a retired teacher of geography and geology. To inquire about the availability of Louise's full story, A Very Different War, in book form, e-mail Su Wood at [email protected]

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Richard K. Wood

Wood—Richard K. Wood, 82, on November 1, 2019, at home in Gettysburg, Pa., returning to the sea, surrounded by his […]

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Facilitating Interreligious Weddings

Since the fall of 1989, I have been involved as a kind of facilitator for three weddings, held in the […]

Dick Wood is a member of Gettysburg (Pa.) Meeting.

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Milestones August 2014

Births, weddings, and deaths.

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Things I Ponder while Sitting in Meeting

Nearly every Sunday morning we have visitors to our Quaker meeting for worship. They enter the front door tentatively, peering […]

Philip H. Gulley is pastor of Fairfield Meeting in Camby, Ind. He is the author of several books including Front Porch Talks and Just Shy of Harmony. This essay will be included in his forthcoming book Porch Talk.

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Extracting Truth from Power: A Tale of Two Quaker Ladies

In March, 1979, Beverly Hess of Lancaster (Pa.) Meeting, along with her husband Dick, was preparing to head to Philadelphia […]

Robert Neuhauser is a member of Lancaster (Pa.) Meeting.

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On Being a Catholic Quaker

Thirty years ago, driving home from a Catholic charismatic prayer meeting, I heard the inner words, “I want you to […]

John Pitts Corry is a member of Middletown Meeting in Lima, Pa., with strong ties to Daylesford Abbey in Paoli, Pa. During most of the fall and winter he regularly attends Albuquerque (N. Mex.) Meeting, and regularly goes to daily mass.

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The Importance of Noise During Silent Worship

Sometimes we need the buses, dogs, and loud neighbors to enter the deepest silence of the meetinghouse.

Ben Handy is a member of Frankford Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. He has a boring job and a lovely family. He mostly spends his free time trying to figure out where he put his glasses, and why he can never seem to get anything done.

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Milestones March 2015

Births, marriages, and deaths among Friends.

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The Benches of Cobscook (Maine) Meeting

There are five antique Quaker benches at Cobscook (Maine) Meeting. At this point they are in various stages of disrepair. […]

Audrey Snyder, a former English teacher and speech therapist in North Carolina, New York, and Maine, joined Purchase (N.Y.) Meeting in 1956, moved to Maine in 1976, and founded Cobscook (Maine) Meeting in her home in 1977 with the help of others.

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