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Milestones August 2015

Deaths, births, and marriages among Friends.

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Three Weddings, One Marriage

We did not set out to have three weddings. We were both married before and were in our 50s and […]

Eleanor Harris, director of development and outreach for Pendle Hill Quaker retreat and study center in Wallingford, Pa., is a member of Minneapolis (Minn.) Meeting. George Owen, volunteer sustainability coordinator for Pendle Hill, is a member of Milwaukee (Wis.) Meeting. They are currently sojourning at Middletown (Pa.) Meeting.

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Milestones June/July 2013

Austin—Deborah Austin, 93, on January 27, 2013, in Foxdale Village, State College, Pa. Deborah was born on January 18, 1920, […]

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May Milestones 2012

Ackerman—Dorothy Hopkirk Ackerman, 90, on March 10, 2011, at home in Minneapolis, Minn. Dorothy was born on October 23, 1920, […]

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Milestones February 2016

Births, marriages, and deaths.

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Milestones, January 2016

Marriages, births, and deaths.

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