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Serving Community Peacekeepers

A Friend finds a path to peacemaking by becoming a police chaplain.

A partially-retired public librarian, Joey Rodger is a member of Evanston (Ill.) Friends Meeting where she serves on Ministry and Counsel. As noted above, she also serves as Acting Executive Director for PeaceAble Cities: Evanston. <a href='http://www.peaceablecitiesevanston.org'>www.peaceablecitiesevanston.org</a>.

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Jeremiah and the Clearness Committee

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Eleanor Jo (Joey) Rodger is a member of Evanston (Ill.) Meeting. She directed the Pendle Hill Peace Network in 2004-05. Currently she serves as associate chaplain for the Evanston Police Dept. and is acting executive director of Peaceable Cities: Evanston, whose goal is the complete elimination of violence in this small city by 2020.

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