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I Choose Choice

Rachel MacNair, in “My Personal Journey on the Abortion Issue” (FJ Feb.), has written a moving statement about her personal […]

Deborah Fink is a member of Ames (Iowa) Meeting.

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The Sauntering Eye: Kansas Meditations and other titles

The Sauntering Eye: Kansas Meditations. By Elizabeth Schultz. FutureCycle Press, 2014. 101 pages. $15.95/paperback; $2.99/eBook. Mrs. Noah Takes the Helm. […]

Karie Firoozmand is the books editor of Friends Journal.

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World of Trouble: A Philadelphia Quaker Family’s Journey through the American Revolution

By Richard Godbeer. Yale University Press, 2019. 480 pages. $38/hardcover or eBook.

Larry Ingle is a member of Chattanooga (Tenn.) Meeting and clerk of the meeting’s Space Expansion Committee. He is writing on Jessamyn West and Whittaker Chambers, and thinking about Rufus Jones.

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Milestones March 2015

Births, marriages, and deaths among Friends.

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No Doubt

Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love. (Jer. 31:3) I don’t usually feel sleepy in meeting for worship, […]

The author's name has been withheld and names have been changed to protect the privacy of the family.

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In the Stillness: Poems, Prayers, and Reflections

By Elizabeth Mills. Inner Light Books, 2018. 112 pages. $25/hardcover; $12.50/paperback; $10/eBook.

Karie Firoozmand is the book review editor for Friends Journal.

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Elizabeth Hooton: A Mother of Quakerism

Passionate and persevering, Elizabeth Hooton played a key role in the birth of Quakerism. Her story, one that both inspires […]

Marcelle Martin, a member of Chestnut Hill Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., is a core teacher at Pendle Hill Quaker study center in Wallingford, Pa., for 2006-07.

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Young Adult Quaker Ministers: Mary Fisher and Elizabeth Fletcher

“I believe that some young people have old souls and that these young people become seasoned spiritual leaders at an […]

Barbara Luetke-Stahlman, a member of Penn Valley Meeting in Kansas City, Mo., lives in Wilson, N.C. Material for this article is drawn from her book 17th Century Remarkable Quaker Youth. For this essay she has relied heavily on Phyllis Mack's Visionary Women: Ecstatic Prophecy in Seventeenth-Century England (Univ. of California Press, 1992).

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Sometimes Amazing Things Happen: Heartbreak and Hope on the Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Prison Ward

By Elizabeth Ford. Regan Arts, 2017. 247 pages. $27.95/hardcover; $16.99/paperback; $14.99/eBook. How many of us could survive one day in […]

Carl Blumenthal is a member of Brooklyn (N.Y.) Meeting and a reporter on mental healthcare.

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Bringing Our Bodies to the Light

Finding stories of Friends struggling with eating and body image.

Madeline Schaefer grew up attending Radnor (Pa.) Meeting outside of Philadelphia. She currently lives in West Philadelphia in a big house with lots of house meetings and good conversation. When she is not riding her bicycle around the city, she can be found doing yoga, writing poetry, and collecting stories.

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