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Building Bridges: Four Stories from the Bible

By Elizabeth O’Sullivan. Pendle Hill Pamphlets (number 458), 2019. 30 pages. $7/pamphlet or eBook.

Lauren Brownlee is a member of Bethesda (Md.) Meeting, and, having recently moved to Durham, N.C., an attender at Durham Meeting.

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Moses and the Tantrum

If everything worked perfectly, we would be only five minutes late, I told myself as I hurried my two‐year‐old daughter […]

Elizabeth O'Sullivan is a member of Twin Cities (Minn.) Meeting.

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Milestones, September 2012

Obituaries for Martin Michael Beer, Richard Sternoff Beyer, Elizabeth Koop Buck, Walter Henry Glass, Dale K Miller, and Armin Louis […]

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Intern Testimonials

We ask each of our interns to write a short post about their experience as a Friends Journal intern. Read on to […]

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Milestones August 2014

Births, weddings, and deaths.

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Unbounded Compassion

On my first day at the 2003 Washington, D.C., Animal Rights Conference, I noticed a young woman pushing a teenage […]

Clark Tibbits is a member of Celo Meeting in Burnsville, N.C.

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Forum, March 2020

Letters from our readers.

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