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Dirt: Back to the land in poetry

By Errol Hess. Wetknee Books, 2016. 70 pages. $5.99/paperback; $0.99/eBook. As in his previous collection, Hunting Pennies (reviewed in FJ […]

Cathy Wald is a member of Amawalk (N.Y.) Meeting and a poet.

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Hunting Pennies Cover

Hunting Pennies: Poems from an Appalachian Childhood

By Errol Hess. Wetknee Books, 2015. 69 pages. $5.99/paperback. Hunting Pennies reminded me of going for a dip in a […]

Catherine Wald is a poet and author of Distant, Burned-out Stars. She is a member of Amawalk (N.Y.) Meeting.

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Sapling Grove Secrets

By Errol Hess. Wetknee Books, 2014. 46 pages. $5.99/paperback; $0.99/eBook. On the About the Author page at the back, Hess […]

Karie Firoozmand is the books editor of Friends Journal.

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Silent Worship

FJ Poetry: “Mind staccato: warblers flit from bite to bite…”

Errol Hess lives in Donalds, S.C.

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Listening for God


Errol Hess, Donalds, S.C.

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Class and Me

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Forum March 2014

Letters and emails from our readers.

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