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Interview with Gretchen Castle - YouTube

FJ Interview with Gretchen Castle

This week Gretchen Castle attended the inaugural mass of Pope Francis as the Quaker representative on the Christian World Communion. […]

Gretchen Castle is general secretary of Friends World Committee for Consultation, an organization that encourages fellowship among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends. As part of her role she is the Quaker representative to the Christian World Communion and was invited to the inaugural mass of Pope Francis on March 19, 2013.

This interview was conducted by Friends Journal Editor Martin Kelley. The transcript has been lightly edited.

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Gretchen Castle. © David Botwinik

FWCC secretary to lead world ecumenical organization

  Gretchen Castle was named the next chair of the Conference of Secretaries of Christian World Communions at its meeting […]

Erik Hanson and Windy Cooler are the news editors for Friends Journal. They contributed to the reporting of this story. Do you know about any Quaker news stories we should be covering? Send us tips at [email protected].

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April News 2012

FWCC General Secretary nomination Gretchen Castle of Philadelphia nominated to serve as FWCC General Secretary. The Central Executive Committee of Friends […]

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Author Gretchen Castle reads “What Unites Us”

FJ Podcast: Having grown up in a Quaker family, the daughter of a pastor in Indiana and Iowa (Friends United […]

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What Unites Us

If we want a world without war, we must first accept our own Quaker family.

Gretchen Castle serves as general secretary of Friends World Committee for Consultation–World Office in London, which works across the four section offices around the world and represents Friends at the world level. Gretchen is a member of Doylestown (Pa.) Meeting.

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Meeting at the Center

We are all part of the same Quaker family. We are called to love one another, and to be reconciled […]

Bruce Birchard is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. He recently retired after 19 years of service as General Secretary of Friends General Conference. He has been encouraged to develop the entirety of "Meeting at the Center" into a Pendle Hill pamphlet. This is an excerpt from "Meeting at the Center: Living Love and Reconciling One to Another," Bruce Birchard's plenary address at the 2011 Friends General Conference Gathering of Friends held in Iowa.

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A Preschooler’s Prayer for Peace

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Quaker Works gears for FB

Quaker Works April 2019

This semiannual feature highlights the recent works of Quaker organizations in eight categories.

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Forum November 2016

Letters from our readers.

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Among Friends: Expanding the Definition of Home

An introduction to our issue on “Crossing Cultures.”

Gail Whiffen is associate editor of Friends Journal.

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