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Interview with Gretchen Castle - YouTube

FJ Interview with Gretchen Castle

This week Gretchen Castle attended the inaugural mass of Pope Francis as the Quaker representative on the Christian World Communion. […]

Gretchen Castle is general secretary of Friends World Committee for Consultation, an organization that encourages fellowship among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends. As part of her role she is the Quaker representative to the Christian World Communion and was invited to the inaugural mass of Pope Francis on March 19, 2013.

This interview was conducted by Friends Journal Editor Martin Kelley. The transcript has been lightly edited.

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Teaching as Vessel to Spirit

A teacher facing burnout finds a new openness of heart after she starts worshipping with Friends. Podcast reading available.

Gretchen L. Morse has been teaching since 1981 at the individual, class, and collegiate levels. She is a professional oboist and performs in symphonies, and she is also a healer and neurofeedback practitioner. She has been an active member of Red Cedar Meeting in Lansing, Mich., since 2009.

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Milestones April 2013

Milestone notices for Kees W Bolle, Amanda Hilles Fraser, Elizabeth Swing Greene, Judith Buckley Morese, Phillip Rizzo and Phillip Donnell […]

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April News 2012

FWCC General Secretary nomination Gretchen Castle of Philadelphia nominated to serve as FWCC General Secretary. The Central Executive Committee of Friends […]

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Economics by Innuendo and Error

David Morse’s “A Quaker Response to Economic Globalization” (FJ May) exhibits many errors in economics. He is correct to sympathize […]

Jack Powelson is professor of Economics, emeritus, at University of Colorado. He has written extensively on issues of poverty and economic development. He is a member of Boulder (Colo.) Meeting, and he edits The Quaker Economist (http://qlc.quaker.org).

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UPDATE June 2018: “In response to the continuing administration policy of separating asylum‐seeking parents from their children, as young as […]

David Bristol, Lee Teran, and Gretchen Haynes are all active in Friends Meeting of San Antonio (Tex.) and have been involved, in one way or another, in the meeting’s ministry to help immigrant families fleeing violence in Central America. Their collaboration on this article has been spiritual work.

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What Unites Us

If we want a world without war, we must first accept our own Quaker family.

Gretchen Castle serves as general secretary of Friends World Committee for Consultation–World Office in London, which works across the four section offices around the world and represents Friends at the world level. Gretchen is a member of Doylestown (Pa.) Meeting.

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Connecting with Darfur

People often hear of the troubles besetting the population of Darfur, in western Sudan, but feel no personal connection. Compound […]

David Morse, a member of Storrs (Conn.) Meeting, traveled to South Sudan in 2005 with support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. He is currently writing a book about Darfur. He can be reached at his website, http://www.david-morse.com.

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Nairobi: Impressions of a Newcomer

Only hours after my arrival in Nairobi for the first time, in 2005, I was taken to Mathari slum, its […]

David Morse is a member of Storrs (Conn.) Meeting. He recently traveled to South Sudan with support from his monthly meeting and from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and the Nation Institute for Investigative Journalism. His website http://www.david-morse.com offers resources on Darfur.

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A Quaker Response to Economic Globalization

We must identify the seeds of violence that are scattered in the wake of U.S.-style hypercapitalism when it is forced […]

David Morse is a member of Storrs (Conn.) Meeting, a novelist, and author of pamphlets on John Woolman and the global economy published by Pendle Hill (#356) and by New England Yearly Meeting's Committee on Prejudice and Poverty. He can be reached at his website, http://www.david-morse.com.

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