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Grief Manifesto: Linda Heacock’s Death As Told by Her Daughter

As I did some yard work for a friend, I found a dead bird in one of her beds. I […]

Hannah Jeffrey, a member of Richmond (Va.) Meeting, lives in Sacramento, Calif., where she is the director of a canvassing office, informing and involving the public on progressive issues and organizing at a grassroots level.

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Forum May 2013

“Listening and Speaking from the Heart,” by Os Cresson, plus reactions to our issue on sexuality.

Forum letters should be sent with the writer's name and address to [email protected] Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Because of space constraints, we cannot print every letter.

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We Think He Might Be a Boy

Raising a transgender child.

Su Penn writes about the Tiny Tornado, homeschooling, adoption, Quakerism, and much more at tapeflags.blogspot.com.

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