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The Light Within

The Religious Society of Friends has created some unique expressions to explain our beliefs to others unfamiliar with our practice. [鈥

Henry Swain is a member of Bloomington (Ind.) Meeting and the author of Leaves for the Raking and Why Now? The Evolution of a Conscientious Objector.

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No One Will Ever Know It

It was June 1935, and the Great Depression had settled over our middle鈥怚ndiana town like the heat and humidity in [鈥

Henry Swain is a member of Bloomington (Ind.) Meeting. This short memoir appeared in his book, Leaves for the Raking, self-published in 2002 and revised in 2005. He writes: "Many of the stories in the book reflect my growing up in rural Fall Creek Meeting near Pendleton, Ind. Other essays have come from meditations inspired by my 12-year association with Bloomington Meeting. This book is an expression of how a lifelong pacifist struggles to maintain his values in a world that is often uncomfortable and hostile to them and to him."

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Out of the Silence

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Forum, February 2013

The value of silence I very much enjoyed the latest issue on hospitality (FJ, December 2012), and especially Terry Miller鈥檚 [鈥

Reader's Forum

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August 2012 Forum

VIEWPOINT: Feeding the World takes more than Backyard Gardens The main theme of the articles in May鈥檚 food issue is [鈥

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