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Behind the Scenes of QuakerSpeak

An interview with project director Jon Watts.

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Foodways and Folkways

Among Friends: Our introduction to the June鈥怞uly 2019 issue on Food Choices.

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal.

Posted in: Among Friends, June/July 2019: Food Choices
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Interview with Rosemary Zimmermann

Friends Journal鈥檚 new poetry editor

Rosemary Zimmerman was interviewed by Friends Journal senior editor Martin Kelley.

Posted in: Features, Interviews, November 2015: Books and Pop Culture
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The Amateur Quaker

An interview with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting鈥檚 Zachary Dutton.

Zachary T. Dutton is a leader, scholar, experienced organizer, and imaginary dog owner who works toward connected society in an isolated age. He serves as associate secretary for Program and Religious Life at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (pym.org). He is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. He was interviewed by Friends Journal senior editor Martin Kelley.

Posted in: Features, January 2017: Quakers in the Workplace
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Interview with Lynn and Steve Newsom

Watch our bonus interview with the directors of Quaker House (transcript available below). Links and resources: Quaker House website My Path [鈥

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The Challenges We Face and Community We Forge

An interview with Sa鈥檈d Atshan.

Martin Kelley is Friends Journal鈥檚 senior editor.

Sa鈥檈d Atshan is a professor of peace and conflict studies at Swarthmore College and holds a doctorate from Harvard University. He sits on the corporation of American Friends Service Committee and the board of Pendle Hill study center. He is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting.

Posted in: Conflict and Controversy, Features
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FJ Interview with Al Vernacchio

FJ Interview with Al Vernacchio

Al Vernacchio鈥檚 article, 鈥淔riends Schools and Healthy Sexuality鈥 appears in the March 2013 issue of Friends Journal. Al teaches sexuality [鈥

Al Vernacchio teaches and organizes sexually-themed programs and assemblies, provides parent education on human sexuality topics, and is one of the faculty advisors for the Gay-Straight Alliance at Friends' Central School in Wynnewood, Pa. His work has been featured as a cover story in the聽New York Times Magazine.

This interview was conducted by聽Friends Journal聽Editor Martin Kelley.

Posted in: Interviews, March 2013: Sexuality, Video
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Fifteen Years of the Bridge Film Festival

An interview with Andrew Cohen of Brooklyn Friends School.

Martin Kelley is senior editor at聽Friends Journal.聽

Posted in: April 2014: Education, Features
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Cross鈥恈ultural Work with Veterans

An interview with military chaplain Zachary Moon.

Zachary Moon is a lifelong Quaker who serves as a military chaplain. He is the author of Coming Home (Chalice Press) and writes on topics such as military culture, post-traumatic stress, and the role of congregations in the reentry process. He is a PhD candidate at Iliff School of Theology and lives in Denver, Colo., with his wife and two enthusiastic toddlers.

Posted in: August 2015: The Effects of War, Features
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Among Friends

The Price of Free Ministry

Martin Kelley is senior editor of聽Friends Journal.

Posted in: Among Friends, March 2014: Funding Ministry
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