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Ohio Yearly Meeting Gathering and Quaker Spring

A Philadelphia Friend finds spiritual renewal in fellowship with Conservative Quakers.

John Andrew Gallery is a member of Chestnut Hill Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., part of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. He is the author of Living in the Kingdom of God. For more information go to johnandrewgallery.com. Susan Smith is a member of Rockingham Meeting near Harrisonburg, Va., part of Ohio Yearly Meeting.

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Among Friends: Casting the Light

Our introduction to our issue on Quakers and Social Media.

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal. [email protected]

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Quaker Women in Prison Reform

While many Quakers are familiar with the pioneering work of Elizabeth Fry in Newgate Prison, London, relatively few are aware […]

Margaret Hope Bacon, a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting, is an author and lecturer. She has written 13 books on various aspects of Quaker history and biography, including Abby Hopper Gibbons: Prison Reformer and Social Activist. She is currently working on a book on Quaker women in prison reform. © 2002 Margaret Hope Bacon

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Walking Cheerfully Over the Web

Community management in the manner of Friends.

Isaac Smith is a member of Frederick Meeting in Frederick, Md., where he lives with his wife and son.

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Can Quakerism Survive?

Why is there no vision of the future of Quakerism?

Donald W. McCormick was a professor for 30 years. He taught leadership and organizational change. Currently he is the director of education for Unified Mindfulness, a mindfulness teacher training organization. He is a member of Grass Valley Meeting in Nevada City, Calif. Contact: [email protected].

Posted in: Features, February 2018
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“Leadings” For Nontheistic Friends?

When I speak of being led or feeling called to act in some way, do my words commit me to […]

Steve Smith, a member of Claremont (Calif.) Meeting, is a retired professor of Philosophy. He has written several pamphlets and articles on Quaker topics, leads workshops at Pendle Hill and elsewhere, and is scheduled to be the 2011 speaker at the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology.

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Interfaith Moral Action on Climate banner at a Washington, D.C., march to the White House on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, January 2014.

Taking Heart

What climate activists can learn from the movement to abolish slavery. With author chat.

Marcia Cleveland is a lifelong environmental advocate currently working on climate and energy issues. She is on the Steering Committee of Interfaith Moral Action on Climate, a faith network concerned about the moral and spiritual challenge of climate change. She is a member of Brunswick (Maine) Meeting.

Posted in: Features, January 2015: Climate Change
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The Cost of a Healing Gift

The discovery of a gift for healing is only the first step in a process of learning and discipline.

John Jeremiah Edminster, a mid-life convert to Christian faith and unprogrammed Quakerism, is currently studying toward an MDiv degree at Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Ind., where he lives with his wife, Elizabeth. They are members of Clear Creek Meeting in Richmond. He has two adult children.

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A Quaker Speaks from the Black Experience

The history, role, and involvement of African Americans in the Religious Society of Friends have been subjects of long‐standing interest […]

James Fletcher is a member of College Station Worship Sharing Group in Houston, Tex. He is treasurer for American Friends Service Committee, and has served extensively with AFSC, Friends World Committee for Consultation, and other Friends organizations in work in the Republic of South Africa. He is co-founder of the Fellowship of Friends of African Descent (FFAD), and co-author of two books, A Quaker Speaks From the Black Experience: The Life and Collected Works of Barrington Dunbar and Friends Face the World. This essay was adapted from a speech to FFAD in April 2006.

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