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Author Jack Ciancio on supporting postā€traumatic stress disorder victims

Author reading. Postā€traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the emotional ghost of a lifeā€threatening event. It lingers in the shadows of [ā€¦]

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Supporting Postā€traumatic Stress Disorder Victims

Understanding the cluster of symptoms of PTSD and the role of religious community.

Jack Ciancio is a member of Ararat (N.C.) Meeting. He is a veteran, retired psychiatric nurse, educator, and author of Where Christ Presides: A Quaker Perspective on Moral Discernment (Redemption Press). He is currently working on a book on the Gospel of Mark.

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Human Trafficking: We Cannot Keep Silent

A sober look at the modern day slavery that fuels our consumerism. Includes author video chat.

Jack Ciancio, is a member of Ararat (N.C.) Meeting, clerk of the Peace and Social Issues Committee of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM), Friends Committee on National Legislation General Committee member, president of Solutions4Peace Ministries (Solutions4peace.com), and a hospice volunteer andĀ bereavement counselor.

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Forum: May 2015

Watering down integrity While I share Richard Houseā€™s desire to see to the core of people and value their humanity [ā€¦]

Letters from our readers.

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