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Carved in Stone

When Karin Sprague鈥檚 father鈥恑n鈥恖aw died suddenly in 1996 she knew what she would do with the rest of her life. [鈥

Anita Fritz is a journalist/reporter who works for a small paper in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Karin Sprague, a member of Smithfield (R.I.) Meeting, enjoys camping and playing with her children, and five times a year she teaches a class called "Letters Carved in Slate" in her studio.

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Burial marker for George Fox in Bunhill Fields, first placed in 1881 then moved in 1952 to the meetinghouse garden wall. "11 Month 1690" is January 1691 in the modern calendar. 漏 Matt Brown, flickr.com/londonmatt

Fox Hunt

A trek to the semi鈥恌orgotten gravesite of George Fox.

Cameron McWhirter is a journalist and the author of Red Summer: The Summer of 1919 and the Awakening of Black America. He is a member of Atlanta (Ga.) Meeting and previously served on the board of trustees for Friends Publishing Corporation, publisher of Friends Journal.

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Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family鈥檚 Journey

By Margriet Ruurs, translated by Falah Raheem, illustrated by Nizar Ali Badr. Orca Book Publishers, 2016. 28 pages. $20/hardcover; $9.99/eBook. [鈥

Diya Abdo is a native Arabic speaker and associate professor and department chair of English at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. She is the founder and director of Every Campus a Refuge.

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Genesis: Outer Space and Inner Light

Outer space and Inner Light

John A. Minahan is head of the English department at Lincoln School in Providence, R.I., where he also teaches courses in psychology and in world religions. John is the author of three books and has a doctorate in literature from Brown University. He has been a college professor, professional musician, and stay-at-home father.

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This Age of Insecurity

Our quiet pause can counteract a collective obsession with fights and power.

Ron McDonald is a member of Memphis (Tenn.) Meeting, frequent writer for Friends Journal, pastoral counselor, musician, and storyteller.

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Quaker Faith, Quaker Practice, and Quaker Boards

The search for courage and integrity in the boardroom is complicated and ongoing.

Jacob D. Stone is a longtime member of Doylestown (Pa.) Meeting, now living in Vermont. Over four decades he has served on, worked for, and consulted with many Friends boards and committees. Now retired, he continues to be interested in how our testimonies are implemented in our organizations.

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Meant to Be For Some Purpose

I was 47 when I drove four other rabbis in my teal Windstar minivan from Philadelphia to the Catskills for [鈥

Jacob J. Staub is a writer, rabbi and teacher. He serves as Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Spirituality at The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Wyncote, Pa.聽He can be reached at聽jacobstaub.net.

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Dazzled and Grateful

A poet shares how prayer connects her with God and nature.

Beverly Shepard is a member of Hamilton (Ont.) Meeting. She is a trained biologist but is also a writer and a musician, published and performed in both of these areas. She is known at the Friends General Conference Gathering for a very popular workshop in sacred chanting which she has given for eight years. She has been writing poetry for over 60 years. Mother of four grown children and now retired, she dwells in the woods with her husband, Robbie, and lives each day with profound gratitude for the beauty of her surroundings.

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La Maison Quaker

Bright orange passion fruits hang from vines that cover most of a stuccoed stone wall and creep over the edges [鈥

Judy Kashoff, an accountant turned potter, is a member of Buckingham Meeting in Lahaska, Pa. She and her husband have been traveling in different parts of the world on bicycles since April 2008, doing volunteer work and participating with Servas, an international multicultural peace association.

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A Visit to Israel by a Quaker Jew Born in Palestine

For years I vowed never to return to Palestine, my birthplace, because, as a Jew鈥攁lbeit a secular Jew鈥擨 felt a [鈥

Stanley Zarowin recently served as assistant clerk of New York Yearly Meeting. This summer he moved from New York City to Zionsville, Indiana, to wed a local Quaker and subsequently transferred his membership from Brooklyn (N.Y.) Meeting to North Meadow Circle of Friends in Indianapolis, where he plans to introduce the Alternatives to Violence Project. He is a freelance journalist specializing in technology. He has cautioned his pun-loving Friends that the move to Zionsville does not make him a Zionist.

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