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Another Reflection on Marriage among Friends

Two Friends Journal articles reflecting on marriage—renewing vows and speaking plainly to those divorcing—appeared just as my husband and I […]

Georgana Foster has been a member of Mt. Toby Meeting in Leverett, Mass., for 48 years and is the meeting historian. She has a degree in South Asian Studies, focusing on the worship and folk art of female deities in India, earned when she was 60. She has researched New England Quaker women, and taught a workshop on Quaker women at the Friends General Conference Gathering.

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Milestones March 2015

Births, marriages, and deaths among Friends.

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Reflections on Selma: What Quakers Were Saying in 1965

Commentary about Selma from the Friends Journal archives

Gail Whiffen Coyle is associate editor of Friends Journal.

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Books November 2013

Books reviewed: Gathered: Contemporary Quaker Poets (ed. by Nick McRae); Powerful Beyond Measure: The Legacy of Quaker Leadership in the […]

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John Rudolph Kern

Kern—John Rudolph Kern, 78, on March 18, 2018, in Abingdon, Va., where he suffered a heart attack. John was born […]

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Milestones March 2013

Marriage Harris and Smith—Jennifer Chapin‐Smith (a member of Maryland’s Adelphi Meeting, nee Jennifer Chapin Harris) and Alexi Chapin‐Smith (nee Alexi […]

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A Seeker’s Theology: Christianity Reinterpreted as Mysticism

By John G. Macort. Self‐published, 2016. 231 pages. $9.50/paperback. John Macort, formerly an Episcopalian priest but long acquainted with Friends […]

Brian Drayton worships with the new Souhegan Meeting, allowed by Weare (N.H.) Meeting.

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Forum, March 2019

Letters from our readers

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Books March 2015

Book reviews

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A Modest Step Towards Peace and Union

Among reflective people, there is probably little doubt that the traditions and culture we are born into incline most people […]

Malcolm Bell is a member of Wilderness Meeting in Shrewsbury, Vt. A retired lawyer, he is the secretary of the International Mayan League/ USA, and he writes editorials and book reviews for Interconnect, a small quarterly that serves the U.S.-Latin America solidarity community.

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