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Author Justin Leverett reads “A Pacifist’s Defense of the Media”

Excerpt from “A Pacifist’s Defense of the Media”: It hurts my heart a good deal every time I hear someone harshly […]

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A Pacifist’s Defense of the Media

Journalistic integrity and speaking truth to media power.

Justin Leverett is a practicing Quaker with roots in Reform Judaism. He lives near Portland, Ore., working as a barista and blogging during free time. He is deeply informed by his time in Quaker Voluntary Service as a fellow in Atlanta, Ga., from 2012 to 2013. His passions include media, French language and culture, and music.

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Focus On the Leading

A small meeting in a college town supports the fledgling ministries of its attenders.

Mariellen Gilpin is a member of Urbana-Champaign Meeting in Urbana, Illinois, and an editor of What Canst Thou Say? a quarterly publication for Quakers who have mystical experiences or pray contemplatively (Whatcanstthousay.org). Mariellen blogs at worshipsharinginprint.wordpress.com. Sometimes she thinks she must be the poster child for the Mistakes in Prayer Society.

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Among Friends: Friends in Surprising Places

An introduction to the November issue.

Martin Kelley is the senior editor of Friends Journal.

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