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Interview with Lisa Graustein, author of “Gender, Sexuality, and Our Bodies”

FJ Podcast: The language we use to talk about our gender, sexuality, and bodies is useful when it can clarify, […]

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Among Friends: Sharing Our Truths

An introduction to the May issue on Gender and Sexuality.

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Gender, Sexuality, and Our Bodies

Exploring the language we use to clarify, claim, and understand identity.

Lisa Graustein is a member of Beacon Hill Meeting in Boston, Mass. She is a mother, high school teacher, diversity trainer, and a former young friends coordinator for New England Yearly Meeting. She is active in working for greater equity in schools and the Religious Society of Friends.

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The Quaker sweat lodge: a response

The Quaker sweat lodge has been a very powerful and transformative experience for many young Friends. Indeed, there are a […]

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A Perspective on the Quaker Sweat Lodge

I am responding to Chuck Fager’s recent letter on Friends General Conference and the Quaker Sweat Lodge (“Finding a Way […]

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Finding a Way Forward

The most remarkable event in the long, sad saga of the Quaker Sweat Lodge (QSL) controversy took place at the […]

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Forum June/July 2017

Letters from our readers.

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Friends Education: Our Light for the World

The experience of a Friends education leads to a teaching career.

Galen McNemar Hamann is a member of Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Mass.). She is director of Friends education at Moses Brown School, where she teaches religion and ethics and serves as a spiritual counselor. She also serves as a multi-faith chaplain in local hospitals.

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Encouraging Each Other’s Faith and Truths

My thoughts about Friends United Meeting and its relationship with Friends in New England have changed a lot over the […]

Hannah Zwirner is a lifelong attender of Beacon Hill Meeting in Boston and of New England Yearly Meeting. She is currently studying religion and history at Harvard Extension School. Over the years as she has grown into the adult community in NEYM, she has felt a strong calling to help the yearly meeting learn to communicate effectively with each other and to involve Young Adult Friends in both worship and business.

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