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Stumbling Forward toward Racial Justice among Friends

Two Friends share their stories of growing up in a race鈥恉efined world and how they鈥檝e been led to work for [鈥

Lucy Duncan serves American Friends Service Committee as director of Friends Relations and is a storyteller and member of Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. Noah White is an adjunct professor at Temple University in the College of Public Health. He loves a challenge and the thrill of competition. He also enjoys helping others attain their kinesthetic goals.


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Meeting for Worship with Attention to Stories

Sharing stories can heal communities. 馃敀 Friends Journal Member? Sign in here! Not an FJ member? To read this piece, [鈥

Lucy Duncan is AFSC鈥檚 Friends Liaison. She has been a platform storyteller for 20 years. Lucy is a member of Goshen (Pa.) Meeting. She lives with her family in the caretaker鈥檚 house in a Quaker cemetery west of Philadelphia.

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Phots courtesy of Lucy Duancan/American Friends Service Committee

Cultivating a Vision

A Conversation with New Mexico Farm Activist Don Bustos Don Bustos is a New Mexican farmer who has helped build a [鈥

Lucy Duncan is AFSC鈥檚 Friends Liaison. She has been a storyteller who works with Quaker meetings to help Friends to tell stories of spiritual experience.聽A version of this piece originally appeared on AFSC's聽Acting in Faith聽blog at聽www.afsc.org/friends聽and is used with permission.聽Lucy is a member of Goshen (Pa.) Meeting.

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Civility Can Be Dangerous

In 1934, AFSC co鈥恌ounder Henry Cadbury advised Jewish rabbis to be gentler on Hitler. Is civility a substitute for morality?

Lucy Duncan is the director of Friends Relations at the American Friends Service Committee.

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Rand Reeves (photo by Gail Folda).

Organizing with the Spirit

A tragedy among Nebraska Friends provides a model for faith鈥恇ased activism that supports community.

Lucy Duncan is director of Friends relations at American Friends Service Committee. She has been a storyteller for 20 years and has worked with Quaker meetings on telling stories for racial justice and of spiritual experience. She attends Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., and lives with her son and partner in a Quaker cemetery. To learn more about the Quaker social change ministry model described in this article, go to afsc.org/friends/resources.

A version of this article first appeared on American Friends Service Committee鈥檚 Acting in Faith blog.

Posted in: Features, June/July 2015: Activists vs Mystics vs Pragmatists
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A Sacred Walk: Parenting as a Way to God

Nothing has taught me more about the constancy of God鈥檚 presence and continuing creation than being a parent. From the [鈥

Lucy Duncan is a member of Goshen Meeting in Goshenville, Pa. She serves Friends General Conference as associate secretary for programs and the bookstore. She is also co-clerk of Quakers United in Publications. Lucy lives with her husband, Graham, and son, Simon, in the caretaker's house of Friends Southwestern Burial Ground in Upper Darby, Pa. Lucy has been a platform storyteller since 1983.

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Why I Work for Social Justice and Healing

A reflection.

Lucy Duncan currently serves as the Friends Liaison for AFSC and edits Acting in Faith at www.afsc.org/friends. 聽She works with Quaker meetings on telling their stories of spiritual experience and is a member of Goshen Monthly Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. This piece was originally published in The Philadelphia School's newsletter, The TPS Progressive, where her son, Simon, attends.

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March full issue access

Members can download the full PDF or read any article online. 馃敀 Friends Journal Member? Sign in here! Not an [鈥

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The Toolkit of the Kingdom of God

Intro to the June/July issue.

Gabriel Ehri is executive director of Friends Journal.

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A New Year鈥檚 top five: The most popular articles of 2013

We鈥檝e been sharing our most鈥恟ead articles of 2012 on Facebook and Twitter. Here they are along with highlights from the [鈥

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