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Interview with Lynn and Steve Newsom

Watch our bonus interview with the directors of Quaker House (transcript available below). Links and resources: Quaker House website My Path […]

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Poet Lynn Martin reads “Weather Is What She Has to Say”

FJ Poetry reading: In L.A. it opens and drags down whole buildings. Here, in Vermont, the woods resound / with […]

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Weather is what she has to say

FJ Poetry: Everywhere the earth is speaking.

Lynn Martin lives in Brattleboro, Vt.

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The Roots of Our Lifestyles

Among Friends: Our introduction to the January issue on Quaker lifestyles.

Martin Kelley is the senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Interview with Lynn and Steve Newsom of Quaker House

A Friends Journal interview with the directors of Fayetteville, N.C.‘s Quaker House. You can also watch the video of this interview. […]

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Mushrooms and Poems

I don’t know if it was because the season had been unusually wet, or if it was just the time […]

Lynn Martin is a member of Putney (Vt.) Meeting.

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The Wandering Leadings of the Spirit

A great swoop over my head, and a steady beat of wings. Suddenly a dark shape banks, turns, and disappears […]

Lynn Martin is a member of Putney (Vt.) Meeting.

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Books November 2013

Books reviewed: Gathered: Contemporary Quaker Poets (ed. by Nick McRae); Powerful Beyond Measure: The Legacy of Quaker Leadership in the […]

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Among Friends: An Everlasting Space for Truth

An introduction to our issue on Quaker Spaces.

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Lillian and George Willoughby

Raspberries, bread, serendipity, and nonviolence. Lillian and George Willoughby, members of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting, were engaged with many projects […]

Lynne Shivers, a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting, has been a social activist, college teacher, and writer.

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