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Milestones September 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

Births, marriages, and deaths.

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Taking the Pulse of FWCC

Ask a scuba diver, what’s it like? You’ll hear about thrill, but miss the feel. Ask an FWCC rep, what […]

Marion Love is a member of Des Moines Valley (Iowa) Meeting.

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Forum October 2017

Letters and comments from our readers.

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Quakerism, Earth‐Centered Spirituality, and the Goddess

My earliest memory is of standing at the kitchen sink in an old farmhouse in Iowa where my grandmother held […]

Heather Sowers is a member of Missoula (Mont.) Meeting and belongs to a small Wiccan coven, Artemisia Circle. She works with youth, writes, and loves gardening and hiking.

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Milestones April 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

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Milestones May 2014

Births, deaths, and marriages.

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Milestones December 2013

Benfey—Rachel Elizabeth Thomas Benfey, 86, peacefully, on September 22, 2013, at Friends Homes at Guilford in Greensboro, N.C. Rachel was […]

Births and obituaries.

Posted in: December 2013: Outside the Quaker Bubble, Milestones
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What is Truth?

An early Christian bishop and martyr was offered the choice of escaping a fairly horrific death if he would deny […]

Marion Sullivan is an Australian Friend who has been studying at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, Pa.

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The Many Ways the Light Gets In

FJ Poetry: “It was easy to judge those Jane Austen ladies / languishing all afternoon over embroidery”

Marion Goldstein lives in Cedar Grove, N.J.

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Ariel Cahill Hollinshead Hyun

Hyun—Ariel Cahill Hollinshead Hyun, 90, on September 10, 2019, at Medford Leas in Medford, N.J. Ariel was born on August […]

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