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Jeanne Ruth Ackley Lohmann

Lohmann—Jeanne Ruth Ackley Lohmann, 93, on September 26, 2016, at home in Olympia, Wash., with family close by. Jeanne was […]

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A Lesson from the Ashes

If every community had a young person who cared enough about his brothers and sisters who were hurting—and who started […]

Harold B. Confer is a member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting and has participated in and led workcamps for almost 50 years. A winner of the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Fund for Quaker Leadership, he is working with members of his meeting and others to start a new disaster response organization that will target human-caused disasters such as burned houses of worship. © 2000 Harold B. Confer

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Beyond the Burning Bus: The Civil Rights Revolution in a Southern Town

By Phil Noble. NewSouth Books, 2013. 169 pages. $19.95/paperback; $9.99/eBook. In the April 16, 1963 “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Martin […]

David Etheridge is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (D.C.) and clerk of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Working Group on Racism.

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Claiming the Peace Testimony: My Experience with Kenyan Friends

I thought I was going to Kenya for a vacation. For the first few weeks that was the case. I […]

Mary Lord is a member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting and attends Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. She recently retired as assistant general secretary for Peace and Conflict Resolution of American Friends Service Committee.

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Photos courtesy of Bruce Birchard.

Exploring New Images of God

We need to adapt models of God that reconnect us to the burning oneness binding everything.

Bruce Birchard served as general secretary of Friends General Conference from 1992 to 2011. Since retiring, he works with Quaker Voluntary Service as a founding board member and as a member of its Philadelphia support committee. He also serves on the board of Right Sharing of World Resources. He enjoys babysitting his one-year-old grandson on a regular basis.

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In Parallel Light: A Prose Collection

By Jeanne Lohmann. Fithian Press, 2015. 91 pages. $14/paperback. Jeanne Lohmann is a well‐loved Quaker poet. This collection of prose, […]

Karie Firoozmand is the books editor of Friends Journal.

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Blue‐Collar Welcome

Meetings can work to overcome class boundaries. Suggestions for making Quaker communities more welcoming.

This piece is adapted from a discontinued blog, Quakers and Social Class, begun in 2007 after the author attended George Lakey’s FGC Gathering workshop on social class. N. Jeanne Burns lives and writes in Minneapolis and is seeking a new spiritual home. In the meantime, she knits on Sunday mornings where Spirit is encouraging her to let go of perfection.

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Books August 2014

Book reviews of “But Who Do You Say That I Am?” by Douglas Gwyn, “Gathering the Silence” by Eileen Kinch […]

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Autumn in the Fields of Language

By Jeanne Lohmann. Fithian Press, 2016. 96 pages. $14/paperback. [Buy at QuakerBooks] This past summer I spent several very sweet […]

Michael S. Glaser is a professor Emeritus at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and served as Poet Laureate of Maryland from 2004 to 2009. Coeditor of The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton, he offers poetry retreats at Kirkridge in Bangor, Pa. The next one will take place October 4–7.

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Reflections on Hold These Truths, a Play about Gordon Hirabayashi

Hirabayashi was a Japanese American Quaker who refused internment during World War II.

Sara Waxman is the advertising and marketing manager at Friends Journal. Prior to coming to Friends Journal, Sara worked for People's Light and Theatre, Theatre Exile, and Brat Productions. She is an active member of the Philadelphia theatre community.

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