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Sweet Baby Jesus

The present‐tense verbs of George Fox.

A convinced Friend since 1982, Patricia Wild is a member of Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Mass.), where she serves on its Ministry and Counsel and Prison Fellowship Group. Her latest "book, _WellingUp.net_, is an interactive, experimental website that tells a Quaker novel online using podcasts and supplementary materials and links.

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Still, in the City: Creating Peace of Mind in the Midst of Urban Chaos

Edited by Angela Dews. Skyhorse Publishing, 2018. 288 pages. $21.99/hardcover; $14.99/eBook. Conscience or consciousness? While the demands of conscience and […]

Carl Blumenthal is a member of Brooklyn (N.Y.) Meeting.

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Winter in Fairbanks

The sun, high in the late afternoon sky, is warm on my bare arms this spring, 2001, day in Alaska. […]

Brad Sheeks returned to Philadelphia at the end of April 2001 after serving as Friend-in-residence with Chena Ridge Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, since the previous July. He works as a visiting RN for a local hospice service and is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting, currently serving as clerk of its Membership Care Committee. He and his wife, Patricia McBee, have been leading couple enrichment workshops since 1975, most recently at Pendle Hill.

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Books: December 2014

A Young Friends Bookshelf

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The Monkey Who Went to Meeting

A story from a Friend in Costa Rica.

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Milestones August 2014

Births, weddings, and deaths.

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A New Year’s top five: The most popular articles of 2013

We’ve been sharing our most‐read articles of 2012 on Facebook and Twitter. Here they are along with highlights from the […]

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Heron Reflections

On the road home from the wedding of Muriel Bishop and Douglas Summers, reunited after many years apart, a beautiful, […]

Caroline Balderston Parry, a member of Ottawa (Ont.) Meeting, is seeking a publisher for a book-length collection of Heron Reflections.

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