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On the Ark with Noah

Sometimes all it takes to make progress in the world is a good story. As we drift along in our […]

Peter O'Brien, a member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting, has been writing since a young age, winning an award for a short story at age 11. He is working on a current project of 57 short fiction pieces. His novelette, "The Wind Howled Black Sparrow," along with "Four Fascinations," a chapbook, and "Mental Care," a sketch, have been published in FlashPoint Magazine. The author explains: "I wrote the story with the intention of asking a few 'what if 's about the biblical tale. Without completely reinventing Noah's story, I wanted to view it from a modern perspective, exploring what it would be like to bear witness to Noah's example. I combined the tale of Noah's ark with fictional details and found that they echoed Herman Melville's Moby Dick."

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