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A Pacifistā€™s Coming of Age

What needs would invented Quaker rituals fill today?

Ralph (R.M.) Ambrose is a writer of science fiction and fantasy and an IT professional. Ralph has studied anthropology and linguistics, and has a first degree black belt in Aikido. He has attended Berea (Ky.) Meeting, Orange Grove Meeting in Pasadena, Calif., and Inland Valley Meeting in Riverside, Calif. He blogs at http://liminal.IT.

Posted in: Features, February 2015: Life Transitions
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John Brittain Pendergrast Jr.

Pendergrastā€”John Brittain Pendergrast Jr., 99, on September 22, 2016, peacefully, at his beloved home in Atlanta, Ga. Britt was born on [ā€¦]

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Can Quakerism Survive?

Why is there no vision of the future of Quakerism?

Donald W. McCormick was a professor for 30 years. He taught leadership and organizational change. Currently he is the director of education for Unified Mindfulness, a mindfulness teacher training organization. He is a member of Grass Valley Meeting in Nevada City, Calif. Contact: [email protected].

Posted in: Features, February 2018
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QVS Volunteers at Atlanta (Ga.) Meeting.

The Most Effective Instrument of Peace

A convinced Quaker finds a positive outlet for his spiritual energy.

Ross Hennesy became a convinced Quaker in 2004 while at Harrisburg (Pa.) Meeting and has been a member of Germantown (Pa.) Meeting since 2007. He completed a masterā€™s program in the Religious Studies Department at Temple University, and is currently working on a PhD in the same department. In 2008, he helped found a collective housing community and urban farm in Northwest Philadelphia where he continues to live. He serves as Quaker Voluntary Serviceā€™s assistant director and Philadelphia coordinator.

Posted in: Features, January 2014: Finding a Path
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