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Barbara and Elizabeth: Lateā€Life Lovers

By Elizabeth F. Boardman. Selfā€published, 2019. 185 pages. $10/paperback; $3.49/eBook.

Karie Firoozmand is the book review editor for Friends Journal.

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Deepening Down: Midā€life Poems

By Elizabeth Boardman. Selfā€published, 2014. 62 pages. $10/paperback. Another offering, this time of poems, comes from Boardmanā€™s ā€œpaying close attention [ā€¦]

Karie Firoozmand is the books editor of Friends Journal.

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Breathing Light: Accompanying Loss and Grief with Love and Gratitude

By Julie Hliboki, photography by David Foster. Transilient Publishing, 2014. 86 pages. $24/paperback. As a certified hospice chaplain in Atlanta, [ā€¦]

Elizabeth Boardman is a member of Davis (Calif.) Meeting, a resident at Friends House in Santa Rosa, Calif., and the author of several books including Where Should I Stand? A Field Guide for Monthly Meeting Clerks and Letters from Lillian: Faith and Practice Among Modern Liberal Quakers.

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How Quaker War Tax Resistance Came and Went, Twice

A history of a sometimesā€forgotten Quaker witness.

David M. Gross is the editor of American Quaker War Tax Resistance. Some of the material in this article is based on a talk on the history of Quaker war tax resistance he delivered at Earlham School of Religion in 2014 for the national conference of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.

Posted in: Features, February 2016
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