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The Work of QUNO in New York

Since President George W. Bush’s challenge to the United Nations on September 12, 2002, a day after the first anniversary […]

Jack T. Patterson and Lori Heninger, members of Morningside Meeting in New York, have served as Quaker representatives to the United Nations since 1998. Before then, Jack served on the staff of American Friends Service Committee since 1969. Immediately prior to assuming his current position, he served as Co-Director of the Conflict Resolution Program of AFSC's New York Metropolitan Regional Office, where he headed the Expatriate Dialogues Program. Among his publications is The Power of Truth: A Retrospective Appraisal of the Quaker Study "Speak Truth to Power." Lori's work at the UN focuses on the relationship between inter-national economic systems and conflict, children in armed conflict, and global governance. Prior to this, Lori worked for the Center for Urban Community Services, a U.S.-based not-for-profit organization specializing in providing housing for the homeless and formerly homeless who have special needs. Lori is a graduate of the Columbia School of Social Work and is currently completing her doctorate in social welfare.

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Draw Your Weapons

By Sarah Sentilles. Random House, 2017. 320 pages. $28/hardcover; $13.99/eBook. Assembled like a collage or impressionist painting, Draw Your Weapons […]

Lori Patterson lives in Portland, Ore., where she teaches women’s studies at her local college, attends Multnomah Meeting in Portland (serving on the Racial Justice Committee), and runs an independent yarn and fiber dyeing business out of her home.†

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