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S. Rosemary Zimmermann

Poetry Editor Rosemary Zimmermann is the poetry editor of Friends Journal. She is a nurse practitioner at the University of […]

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Interview with Rosemary Zimmermann

Friends Journal’s new poetry editor

Rosemary Zimmerman was interviewed by Friends Journal senior editor Martin Kelley.

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The Quakers, 1656–1723: The Evolution of an Alternative Community

By Richard C. Allen and Rosemary Moore, with specialist contributors. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2018. 360 pages. $39.95/hardcover. The century […]

Brian Drayton worships with the new Souhegan Meeting in Wilton, N.H., allowed by Weare (N.H.) Meeting.

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The Friendly FolkDancers Tour the Congo: Along the western edge of Lake Tanganyika

The Quaker dancing troupe visits a failed state. Includes author reading.

Rosemary Coffey, a member of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Meeting, is a former teacher and current freelance editor. She has been touring with the Friendly FolkDancers since 1992.

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The Friendly Folk Dancers Tour Rwanda: Land of a Thousand Hills

Between February 13 and March 4, 2008, a troupe of Friendly FolkDancers toured the central African country of Rwanda, well […]

Rosemary Coffey, a member of Pittsburgh

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October Forum

Viewpoint: An Upside to Downsizing By Chuck Hosking When I’m being honest, I have to admit that minimalism is an […]

Letters from Chuck Hosking, Mary Linda, Bruce Dienes, Michael Blackman, Rosemary Coffey, Lynn Fitz-Hugh, Isabel Penraeth, Linda Lotz, Roberta Nobelman, James F. Updegraff, and Sandra Herbert.

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Judith Coffey and Michael Hirtle

Coffey-Hirtle—Judith Coffey and Michael Hirtle, on August 13, 2016, in a joyful ceremony at the Providence (R.I.) Meetinghouse under the care […]

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Milestones August 2015

Deaths, births, and marriages among Friends.

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Among Friends: Friends in Surprising Places

An introduction to the November issue.

Martin Kelley is the senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Milestones April 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

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