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Where We Are Changed

If ever the world needed the authentic, life‚Äźgiving challenge that animated our spiritual ancestors, it needs it now.

Noah Baker Merrill seeks to be faithful in the living Quaker tradition of gospel ministry‚ÄĒ the practical spiritual work of encouraging faithfulness and awakening hearts. Putney (Vt.) Meeting has released him for service encouraging the future of Friends. Noah is an associate with Good News Associates and a founding board member of Quaker Voluntary Service. In 2009, Utne Reader magazine recognized him as one of ‚Äú50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World.‚ÄĚ

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The Life of Japanese Quaker Inazo Nitobe

At Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, numerous epistles are read from other yearly meetings throughout the world. Likewise Philadelphia sends its annual […]

Samuel M. Snipes, a member of Fallsington (Pa.) Meeting, is a lawyer. He and other family members operate Snipes Farm and Education Center in Morrisville, Pa. He is active in many Bucks County peace activities.

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Remembering Wyoming

Wyoming Snipes Kashoff passed away two years ago, on February 22, 2003, at the extraordinary age of 38. At the […]

Judy Kashoff is a member of Buckingham (Pa.) Meeting. Samuel Snipes is a member of Falls (Pa.) Meeting.

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Never Say a Mean Word Again: A Tale from Medieval Spain

By Jacqueline Jules, illustrated by Durga Yael Bernhard. Wisdom Tales, 2014. 32 pages. $16.95/hardcover; $9.99/eBook. Recommended for ages 4‚Äď8. A [‚Ķ]

Dee Cameron is a member of El Paso (Tex.) Meeting.

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A Persuasive Chill

FJ Poetry: ‚ÄúOne of my grandfather‚Äôs stories.‚ÄĚ

Henry Taylor lives in Santa Fe, N.M.

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Go Stand Upon the Rock

By Samuel Michael Lemon. Buckhorn Press, 2012. 297 pages. $16.95/paperback. In Go Stand Upon the Rock, Samuel Michael Lemon, […]

Rosalie Dance is a member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting and a sojourner at Stony Run Meeting in Baltimore, Md.

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An Extraordinary Ordinary Woman: The Journal of Phebe Orvis, 1820‚Äď1830

By Susan M. Ouellette. State University of New York Press, 2017. 380 pages. $29.95/paperback; $29.95/eBook. For ten years, 1820 through […]

Neal Burdick is retired as senior writer/editor at St. Lawrence University, where he continues to teach Advanced Writing. Also a freelance writer and editor, he lives in Canton, New York, where he is a member of St. Lawrence Valley Friends Meeting, an allowed meeting under the care of Ottawa (Canada) Meeting.

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Transfigurations‚ÄĒTransgressing Gender in the Bible

Written and performed by Peterson Toscano; directed by Samuel Neff. Barclay Press, 2017. 103 minutes. $20/DVD; $14.99/download; $2.99/online rental. I […]

Kody Gabriel Hersh is a queer, trans, young adult, Christian, Quaker, youth worker, writer, and activist. They are a member of Miami (Fla.) Meeting (Southeastern Yearly Meeting), currently living in Philadelphia, Pa.

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Time to Lay Down William Penn’s Sword

The story of William Penn and his sword is deeply embedded in Quaker mythology; so deeply, it seems, that it […]

Paul Buckley is a Quaker theologian and historian living in Richmond, Ind., where he attends Clear Creek Meeting. His most recent book is Twenty-First Century Penn, a collection of five of William Penn's theological works in modern English, published by Earlham School of Religion.

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Prophetic Lament Cover

Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times

By Soong‚ÄźChan Rah. InterVarsity Press, 2015. 224 pages. $17/paperback; $13.99/eBook. From the heartland of North American Evangelical Christianity, Soong‚ÄźChan Rah [‚Ķ]

Samuel Mahaffy and his family fellowship with Olympia (Wash.) Meeting. With his colleagues, Samuel facilitates a process for faith communities divided by conflict to find the Voice of Common Vision through sharing and integrating both voices of grief and celebration into a liturgy for restoration of broken relationships.

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