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Alternatives to Violence Project: An Interview with Steve Angell

Stephen L. Angell was an early participant and continues to be active in the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), a […]

Bob Dockhorn is senior editor of F<span class="fj_smallcaps">riends</span> J<span class="fj_smallcaps">ournal</span>.
Photograph at top: courtesy of Bob Barns. All others courtesy of Stephen Angell.

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Milestones November 2013

Includes listings for Helen Angell, Catherine Bell Wetteroth, Scott E. Crom, Robert Gray Hindmarsh, Mary Caroline Mendenhall, Geraldine S. McNabb, […]

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An Early Assessment: U.S. Quakerism in the 20th Century: Papers from the Quaker History Roundtable, June 8–11, 2017

Edited by Chuck Fager. Kimo Press, 2017. 235 pages. $11.95/Paperback. In the interest of full disclosure, this reviewer spent several […]

Mitchell Santine Gould is a leading authority on Walt Whitman’s Quakerism, and runs the website LeavesOfGrass.Org. His analysis of Transcendentalism as the secularization of Quakerism has appeared in Quaker History and in Quaker Theology. He is an attender at Multnomah Friends Meeting in Portland, Ore.

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Update on Indiana Yearly Meeting Breakup

Indiana Yearly Meeting is continuing to head toward schism. Friends Journal last covered this in our June/July issue with a […]

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Early Quakers and Their Theological Thought: 1647–1723

Edited by Stephen W. Angell and Pink Dandelion. Cambridge University Press, 2015. 340 pages. $120/hardcover; $96/eBook. “An institution is the […]

Brian Drayton attends Souhegan Meeting (Allowed) in Wilton, N.H.

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Timeline of Indiana Yearly Meeting Schism

Indiana Yearly Meeting was formed in 1821 by Quakers who migrated out of the South and into the free states […]

Stephen W. Angell is the Leatherock Professor of Quaker Studies at Earlham School of Religion, and a member of Oxford (Ohio) Meeting.

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The Bible and Same‐Sex Relationships

We Quakers have been wrestling with the issue of same‐sex relationships for some time, at least since Alastair Heron and […]

Catherine Griffith, an Oregon native, grew up among Evangelical Friends in Northwest Yearly Meeting. She is a member of Valley Mills (Ind.) Meeting and was a pastor there for 12 years. Currently she attends Charlottesville (Va.) Meeting. She recently received a PhD degree in Religious Ethics from University of Virginia.

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Quaker Testimonies and Planet Earth

I believe we are living a holy experiment on this Earth. I truly believe that God inspired Jesus to share […]

Stephen L. Angell is a member of Kendal Meeting in Kennett Square, Pa. He has been involved with Alternatives to Violence Project for 30 years.

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Milestones August 2012

Campbell—Dorothy Emily Carnell Campbell, 96, on September 19, 2011, in Mount San Antonio Gardens Health Center, Pomona, Calif., with her daughter […]

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Books March 2015

Book reviews

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