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Retirement Community

FJ Poetry: “The bridge over waning years is crease with toil”

Sunshine F. Branner lives in Alexandria, Va.

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In a Yellow Light

Friends Journal poetry: “Diaper‐clad, / I was dash and go…”

Sunshine F. Branner lives in Alexandria, Va.

Posted in: Poetry, September 2015: Reproduction and Family Planning
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Time Leaves No Shadow

Climbing the stairway to old age

Sunshine F. Branner lives in Alexandria, Va.

Posted in: October 2013: On Aging, Poetry
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You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine”—we belt it out every Thursday evening, along with “The Sidewalks of New York,” “A Bicycle Built […]

Yvonne Boeger, a member of Kennett (Pa.) Meeting, is a retired teacher and psychotherapist.

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Keynote speakers Dr Renee Prillaman (left) and William Jackson (right). Photos by Satsuki "Sunshine" Scoville of Scoville Photography.


News of Friends: School to Peace Pipeline conference; Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting takes form; Appointment; Retirement.

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Not Another Holiday Letter

2004 was an unusual year. I wrote a Christmas letter on time. After a year’s hiatus from writing a Christmas […]

Sean Crane is a Father, and freelance writer. He plays Harmonica and Trombone. Sean also does building renovation planning for The Media Fellowship House in Media PA and Quaker House in Fayetteville NC, both non profits with Quaker Origins. Sean is a member of Media Monthly Meeting attending Providence Monthly Meeting in Media PA.

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Powerful Quakers

The nuts and bolts of decision making among Baltimore young Friends.

Lukas "Sunshine" Austin is a young Friend attending Stony Run Meeting in Baltimore, Md. They enjoy reading, writing, and long walks in the woods. This is their first publication.

Posted in: Features, What Are Quaker Values Anyway?
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Beauty; Beauty Everywhere

The sound of machines, monitors, and people in the hallway evaporated; it felt like being in meeting for worship when […]

Geoff Knowlton grew up Quaker and was later ordained in the United Church of Christ. He returned to the Friends and joined Worcester (Mass.) Meeting. He worked for a small hospice in New Hampshire and is currently a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and attachment-related disorders.

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A Quaker on a Commune

A Friend finds inspiration while visiting a long‐standing intentional community.

Hayley Hathaway is a Friend searching for a new home and exploring her interests in faith, economy, ecology, and radical hospitality along the way. She works for Friends Peace Teams and Quaker Earthcare Witness, and is the former director of Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City, Mexico.

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I Am Not a Religious Person

The literalness of religion vs. the litheness of spirituality.

Sarah Pennock Neuville is a junior at Garden Spot High School in New Holland, Pa., in her third year as a percussionist for marching, concert, and pit orchestra. She is a member of Kennett (Pa.) Meeting. She would like to be an engineer in neurogenetics and neurobiology.

Posted in: Features, February 2017
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