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Holy Just As I Am

Traveling with infertility.

Suzanne W. Cole is a loud and often overly sassy Quaker who does not attend meeting often enough. They are usually found in conjunction with South Central Yearly Meeting events or near the dessert table. Suzanne will eventually graduate from Earlham School of Religion with an MDiv.

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I (Hope I) See Dead People

In M. Night Shyamalan鈥檚 1999 film The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment plays a troubled kid named Cole Sear. Cole [鈥

C. Wess Daniels loves being a Quaker pastor and has enjoyed pastoring Camas Friends Church since 2009. He is a father of two (and one on the way), husband, and a doctoral student at Fuller Theological Seminary. He continues to learn about the depth of God鈥檚 love from the people in his meeting, the importance of the Quaker tradition, and the meaning of being rooted in a place. Visit him at gatheringinlight.com

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Edith Tschudi

Tschudi鈥擡dith Tschudi [Cole], 86, on July 2, 2014, in Lahore, Pakistan. Edith was born on May 25, 1928, in St. [鈥

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Books January 2014

Reviews, featuring titles from Mark Nepo, Lester Brown, Jill Suzanne Shook, Margery Post Abbott, and Reza Aslan.

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Bulbs being planted in a garden.

Being Vegetarian is a Climate Issue

A Friend鈥檚 bumpy path toward a lifestyle that鈥檚 lighter on the Earth.

Lynn Fitz-Hugh is a climate activist, parent, psychotherapist, and vegetarian. She belongs to Eastside Meeting in Bellevue, Wash.

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New Seekers and the Welcoming Community

Seekers鈥 is what Quakers have always been. We have a rich history of seeking God (the Divine, the Light); seeking [鈥

Suzanne Siverling and Maurine Pyle are members of Lake Forest (Ill.) Meeting. Suzanne serves on the Religious Education Committee for her meeting and for Friends General Conference. Maurine is assistant clerk of Illinois Yearly Meeting and serves with FGC's Traveling Ministries Program.

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To Fathom

FJ Poetry: 鈥淚 take each stone into my curious palm. grub鈥恎ray, salmon, rounded well and calm.鈥

Diana Cole lives in聽Warren, R.I.

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Robert L. West

West鈥擱obert L. West, 87, on July 8, 2017, at home in LaGrangeville, N.Y., with his family close by. Bob was [鈥

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Matthew David Hempel

Hempel鈥擬atthew David Hempel, 42, suddenly, on February 14, 2016, in Marlton, N.J. Matt was born on April 3, 1973, in [鈥

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Benjamin Lundy, Pioneer Quaker Abolitionist

Benjamin Lundy, like many young men of his time restless and sketchily educated, longed for new places and experiences. The [鈥

Suzanne R. Wicks, a retired microbiologist, is a dual member of St. Louis (Mo.) and St. Petersburg (Fla.) Meetings.

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