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Among Friends: Quaker Tools, New and Revisited

Our introduction to the September 2017 issue.

Gabriel Ehri is executive director of Friends Journal:聽[email protected]

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God as a Cow and the Duck Index

Images from dreams provide unexpected life and spiritual guidance.

Tina Tau is a member of Multnomah Meeting in Portland, Ore. She is a writer, artist, and retired teacher currently pursuing her calling as a dreamworker, helping people tap the wisdom of their dreams.

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New Year鈥檚 top five: The most popular articles of 2017

We鈥檝e been sharing our most鈥恟ead articles of 2017 on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the full list. #5 Mystical Experience, the [鈥

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Activism from a Place of Peace

There are two ways to be an activist: from a place of pain鈥攁nger, self鈥恟ighteousness, blame, or despair鈥攐r from a place [鈥

Tina Tau McMahon is a member of Multnomah Meeting in Portland, Oregon. She is a founding member of the McKenzie River Gathering, a social change foundation in Oregon. For 25 years she has been on the board of Northwest Women's History Project. She has been a volunteer with American Friends Service Committee and served on staff at Pendle Hill, John Woolman School, and Hidden Hill Friends Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. Byron Katie's website is http://www.thework.com.

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Intern Testimonials

We ask each of our interns to write a short post about their experience as a Friends Journal intern. Read on to [鈥

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