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Mission and History

The mission of Friends Journal is to communicate Quaker experience in order to connect and deepen spiritual lives. -Mission statement, […]

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Portrait of Anna T. Jeanes painted posthumously 
by Esther Heacock. Image courtesy of the Anna T. Jeanes Foundation.

The Legacy and Philanthropy of Anna Thomas Jeanes

Examining the life of a relatively unknown yet visionary nineteenth‐century Quaker philanthropist.

Kay Sackett Fitzgerald is a retired registered nurse and professor interested in history. She is a member of Buffalo (N.Y.) Meeting.

Eleanor Reinhardt is a retired registered nurse, educator, and an officer of the Anna T. Jeanes Foundation.

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Through the Clouds of Unknowing

An inward journey through clouds of uncertainty.

A member of Canadian Yearly Meeting, Keith R. Maddock is trained in theology, religious education, and multifaith chaplaincy. He has authored articles on prison visitation and spiritual growth published in such periodicals as The Canadian Friend, Friends Journal, Pendle Hill Pamphlets, Spirituality, and Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction.

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Can Quakerism Survive?

Why is there no vision of the future of Quakerism?

Donald W. McCormick was a professor for 30 years. He taught leadership and organizational change. Currently he is the director of education for Unified Mindfulness, a mindfulness teacher training organization. He is a member of Grass Valley Meeting in Nevada City, Calif. Contact: [email protected].

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To Gamble, for Better or for Worse

How do we discern when a gamble is rightly ordered?

Pamela Haines, a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting, carries a long-standing concern to invite Quakers into conversation around economics. Her most recent book, Money and Soul, is an expansion of a Pendle Hill pamphlet by the same name.

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What Once Was Can Be Again

Working on a shared vision of equality and a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

Sandy Rea is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. He has lived for three separate years in the Middle East and visited a number of other times. He serves as clerk of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Middle East Collaborative.

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God Still Speaks to the Quakers

A group of activists from many faith traditions work together to protest drone warfare.

John Amidon is a longtime attender of Albany (N.Y.) Meeting. A video of this action may be seen at: fdsj.nl/HancockAFB-video and fdsj.nl/nativity-protest.

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Why Do The Unbelievers Rage?

We are witnessing another of the fierce assaults on religion and on theism that have recurred in the modern era. […]

Daniel A. Seeger, a member of Moorestown (N.J.) Meeting, now attends Newtown (Pa.) Meeting. He serves as chair of Friends Center Corporation. In the past he has served on the staff of American Friends Service Committee and Pendle Hill. A U.S. Supreme Court case, The United States of America v. Daniel A. Seeger, abolished the requirement that one must believe in a Supreme Being in order to be recognized as a conscientious objector to military service.

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Sex Offenders Are People Too!

The offenders in our midst are being publicly judged by the worst act of their lives, and they are throwing […]

Stacia Roesler, a contract manager for a large firm, is an occasional attender of Woodlawn Meeting in Alexandria, Va., where her husband is a member.

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Love in the Face of Violence

Twenty‐some years ago, Ron and I sold everything we owned and flew off to Africa. We landed in Southern Sudan […]

Pam Ferguson is co-pastor with her husband, Ron, of Winchester (Ind.) Friends Meeting.

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