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Rebecca Sullivan and Suzanne W. Cole

Cole‐Sullivan—Rebecca Sullivan (member, Atlanta [Ga.] Meeting) and Suzanne W. Cole (attender, Atlanta Meeting) married in the manner of Friends under […]

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Come Back to the Body

I sense a revived yearning in the Religious Society of Friends to deepen and unite both our inner and our […]

Walter Hjelt Sullivan, a member of Providence Meeting in Media, Pa., and currently attending Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., is a Quaker educator, nonprofit manager, and certified practitioner and instructor of Breema, an esoteric form of bodywork and a commonsense approach to physical, mental, and emotional health. He occasionally blogs at http://whsbodywork.blogspot.com.

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Worshiping Online with Friends

Lessons from digitally connected Friends.

Katie Breslin is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (D.C.) and is currently sojourning at West Richmond (Ind.) Meeting. She is a first-year student at Earlham School of Religion. Before moving to Richmond, Katie was the young adult program manager at Friends Committee on National Legislation. You can follow her on Twitter at @katiebreslin.

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Quaker Works October 2019

This semiannual feature highlights the recent works of Quaker organizations in eight categories.

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