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The Lambs War and Climate Change

An early Quaker metaphor can help us have hope for a future that looks bleak.

Will Taber lives in Arlington, Mass., with his wife, Lynn. He is an active member of Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge, Mass., and New England Yearly Meeting. For several years he has had a growing concern about climate change and the spiritual challenges that it presents.

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The Task of the Recording Clerk: Spiritual Exercise and Ministry

or me, the first step in all aspects of living, including recording the minutes of a meeting, is the personal [鈥

Sharon Hoover, a longtime member of Alfred (N.Y.) Meeting, currently attends Lewes (Del.) Worship Group. She has served as recording clerk for local, regional, and yearly meetings.

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On Falling in Love with a Weed at Pendle Hill: A Letter to My Wife, Kathleen

Dear One, Today a flower caught my eye鈥攁 little yellow flower that grows everywhere here at Pendle Hill in the [鈥

Anthony Manousos is a member of Santa Monica (Calif.) Meeting and the editor of Friends Bulletin, the official publication of Pacific, North Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings. Beginning September 2008, Kathleen and Anthony plan to spend a sabbatical year at Pendle Hill, where they met 20 years ago. Kathleen, a Methodist pastor, is enrolling in a spiritual direction program. Anthony hopes to complete a biography of Howard and Anna Brinton, Quaker educators and former directors of Pendle Hill, described by historian Thomas Hamm as "the most interesting Quaker couple since Margaret Fell married George Fox."

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Meetings for Learning

When I think of writing about Quaker higher education in general, and the Resident Program at Pendle Hill in particular, [鈥

Chris Ravndal, a member of Stillwater Meeting in Barnesville, Ohio, is in his 14th year as a resident teacher at Pendle Hill in Wallingford, Pa.

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Favorite Writings on Simplicity

Pure Land Buddhists are devoted to the Amida Buddha, who in his compassion for the difficulties people face in achieving [鈥

Michel (Chel) Avery, a member of Goshen (Pa.) Meeting, is serving as director of Quaker Information Center in Philadelphia.

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Quaker Spiritual Disciplines for Hard Times

an the spiritual disciplines of early Friends help us through hard times in the 21st century? The very question of [鈥

Patricia McBee is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. She is editor of Pastoral Care Newsletter and has recently edited a book, Grounded in God: Care and Nurture in Friends Meetings.

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Intern Testimonials

We ask each of our interns to write a short post about their experience as a Friends Journal intern. Read on to [鈥

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From the 1932 edition of <i>The journal and essays of John Woolman, edited by Amelia M. Gummere. <a href="https://archive.org/details/journalessaysofj00wool/page/n7">Via Internet Archive</a>.

Learning from John Woolman, as a Christian Quaker

A passage from John Woolman鈥檚 Journal gives a Friend the language for describing her new sense of empowerment.

Helene Pollock has participated in all branches of Friends during her 40 years of association with Friends. Her primary Quaker community at this time is the extended worship community that meets in the Philadelphia area. She is the former director of Quaker Affairs at Haverford College.

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Friends: An Elite Group or a People to Be Gathered?

I believe that Friends are called to be a gathered people. As I have explored what this means, one image [鈥

William Taber, raised as a Friend, is a member of Fresh Pond Meeting in Cambridge, Mass. Active among Friends for the past 20 years, he is married with two children and is a software engineer.

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Quakerism for One

鈥淢ariah, come to the office! You have a letter!鈥 My boss was as shocked and excited as I was. It [鈥

Mariah Miller is a member of Clear Creek Meeting in Richmond, Ind. She has recently attended meeting in Freiburg, Germany; Durban, South Africa; and Nairobi, Kenya. She hopes to attend meeting in New Delhi, India, and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where she will be completing the next steps in her Master of Arts program in Global Studies. She thanks Friends in all of these meetings and at Friends Theological College in Kaimosi, Kenya, for their spiritual support during her travels.

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